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    Thank you! My program GPA is 3.97 and my TEAS score was 96.
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    Praise God. Got accepted into the traditional program today. Letter dated April 5 program gpa 3.79 TEAS 88 with a C in chem 1152k
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    Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got accepted to the traditional program today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I didn't think I'd get in but my mom just called to tell me I got into Fall 2013 for TRAD

    stats: 3.83, 87 TEAS
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    I got accepted to the traditional program. GPA: 3.69, TEAS: 99. Glory to Jesus, the Lord most High. fasho
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    Congrats everyone!!!!
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    Has anyone's application status online changed??
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    Did everyone get a letter today? I didn't get one in the mail for some reason and its not updated online either! Booooo!
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    Congratulations everyone!!! I'm still playing the waiting game. At least now I know that letters are going out.
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    Oh yeah Congratulations to everyone who got in!!!!!
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    I am the biggest nerd I know but just for those are curious out there. On you can see how long it takes to get a letter. So from GSU -> Kennesaw it takes one day. From GSU -> Marietta (where I live, East Cobb to be exact) it takes 2 days. So us East Cobber's should be getting our letters tomorrow fingers crossed!!