Grady Interview for ER

  1. Can anyone tell me what to expect for my first interview for Grady ER! Do you think they will ask me questions like how would you treat a patient with chest pain.... or will I have to do med calc at first interview?
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  3. by   celtchick68
    I've not had an interview with Grady but the ER I work in asked several prioritization type questions not so much treatment questions as each place may have their own protocol for specific complaints.
  4. by   ms_sgr
    The ask some general questions, like tell me about yourself, why did you choose the ER. Do you know what we do in the ER. I swore that I did bad on the interview, but I guess not. I start orientation on the 4th. Good luck.
  5. by   ashrn2011
    The interview went great it was a panel of 5 and they just asked me general questions about myself and teamwork.... They never asked me any real nursing questions.
  6. by   ashrn2011
    ms_sgr how many days did it take you to get a call back?
  7. by   ms_sgr
    It took them a month to get back to me
  8. by   Marshall1
    I have no advice just wanted to say I'm jealous! LOVED my clinical rotation at Grady - if I lived closer I'd try to get a job there. Good luck!