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Grady Interview for ER

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me what to expect for my first interview for Grady ER! Do you think they will ask me questions like how would you treat a patient with chest pain.... or will I have to do med calc at first interview?
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    I've not had an interview with Grady but the ER I work in asked several prioritization type questions not so much treatment questions as each place may have their own protocol for specific complaints.
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    The ask some general questions, like tell me about yourself, why did you choose the ER. Do you know what we do in the ER. I swore that I did bad on the interview, but I guess not. I start orientation on the 4th. Good luck.
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    The interview went great it was a panel of 5 and they just asked me general questions about myself and teamwork.... They never asked me any real nursing questions.
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    ms_sgr how many days did it take you to get a call back?
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    It took them a month to get back to me
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    I have no advice just wanted to say I'm jealous! LOVED my clinical rotation at Grady - if I lived closer I'd try to get a job there. Good luck!