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HELLO NURSES I did a post about a month ago stating that Im very intersted in moving to Atlanta GA well I currently work in a hospital in South Carolina...but by the grace of God recieved a called from Grady Memorial... Read More

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    Midtown area is a good place to live!

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    Hello Nurses........

    I did a few posts not too long along but to make a long story short I'm a new grad 22 years old and I was recently hired at Grady Memorial and I start October 17....... I'm very excited I already found a nice apartment......Anybody work at Grady can give me any advice or Tips.....also I'm a party person so where is all the fun in Atlanta
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    Channel- happy for you, but this is (imo) is TMI. There's plenty of threads on here about people losing their jobs for online postings. Why would you risk it??
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    Grady is talked about a lot on the Georgia part of AN.

    Being a fellow Georgian, I go there a lot.

    Plus, you'll find better people to answer your questions.

    Good luck!
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    Check out I just found her blog and think it's wonderful. Best wishes!
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    merged with other grafy thread in our georgia nurses forum.
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    @ Channell check ur P.M.
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    Hi, Channelle

    Congrats on your new position with Grady. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!! must be very exciting. I was wondering what was your interview like? I have an interview with them next week. I'm kind of nervous. If you have any insight I would appreciate it.. I'm currently reviewing my interview skills and hope to make a great impression. If you fill uncomfortable with answering on public web site, I can give you my email address.... Thank you...
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    Howdo you like Grady? What floor did you get an interview for and how was it? Was it a peer panel or just you and the Director? I got a call from Grady for an interview and was trying to find someone who went through my shoes. Its for the medsurg/trauma floor, have you heard anything about that floor by the way.
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    Hi there! I came across your post while searching interview tips for Grady in Atlanta and was wondering if you have anything to share? I have an interview tomorrow for an ICU position and wanted to get an idea of interview question and the structure of it? Any info would help!! Thank you

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