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    thanks tygas! i appreciate it... i was looking forward to meeting you too... how bout we meet up and grab lunch before our respective schools start up?

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    Hi Kiki, good luck at GTC - it looks like I will be going to GPC after all, it was a hard decision, but it makes the most sense! Would love to keep in touch and hear how things are going for you. It is going to be a crazy two years!!!
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    I went last week to pay my $105 and turn in the form. I had the opportunity to speak with Ms Creel, and she told me to hold off on the books and check my email (she said she will be sending us alot of emails soon). She said we may be getting them digitally and that would be cheaper for us. I also asked her if we have to buy the books out of our own pockets and she said that we should be able to use our finicial aid for the books. Hope this helps!
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    Lovleeme,I paid the fee at the Dunwoody campus and couldn't really ask anyone for tips... Tgdnl you for posting because we need any kind of info in the next couple if months...
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    MG!!! no!!! I was hoping you'd be with me at GTC... we definitely need to keep in touch. and compare how bout after we start our programs we can go grab some lunch...tygas wants to go too.

    Good luck at GPC!

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    Hi All!

    I just wanted to say good luck to everyone! I will be with you in spirit and maybe see some of you at clinicals.

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    Hey Kiki - I know, everyone in the GTC group seems so nice!! Would love to do lunch with you and tygas, that would be fun!! So lets keep in touch -
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    Yes we can, just let me know!!
    Thanks lovele for the info, I've been tempted to go ahead and buy my books, but I'll wait.
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    Quote from TygasPoohbear
    Yes we can, just let me know!!!
    Thanks lovele for the info. I was planning on buying my books soon., but I'll wait.
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    Hello to all!!! Congratulations to everyone of you who made it in!!! Those of you who didn't don't give up!!! I am currently taking A&P 1 and the end of the semester is near. I want to know if I can apply for the nursing program this summer. My plan is to apply as soon as I can. My question is how soon did you guys apply? If everything goes well and they ask me to sit for the teas is it near the end of the year or anytime that I can take it? I plan to start studying for the Teas this summer!! Any feedback would be great!!

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