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The printable applications are up on the Gordon site now!!! I was surprised it was already up! Got mine printed & filled out with all my stuff packed away in an envelope ready to turn in first thing Monday morning! I'm applying... Read More

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    Hi Kimsey, I was wondering if your LPN-RN group already had your orientation (attended Camp ICAN)?

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    No, not yet, it's this week - we've done everything else up to that.
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    Quote from kimsey

    No, not yet, it's this week - we've done everything else up to that.
    Can you post the highlights? Our camp is the first week of Jan. Even though I am sure the bridge camp will be much different than our camp.

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    I can certainly do that - it's on Thurs & Fri, I've got some things to do over the weekend so it might not get a chance to post until Monday, but I'll try to give you the highlights as soon as possible! I believe that they are similar, the only difference is we're entering into the 2nd semester instead of the first.
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    The Camp I Can for the LPNs is probably different from the generic track one that will be in Jan - but basically the we went over things we would have learned in Fundamentals (1901 and 1921), expectations for the program, signed paperwork agreeing to the rules, etc and we also had a little workshop on studying and our learning style (my favorite part, coz my advisor taught it - I'm not sure we're supposed to mention teachers names, so I'll leave it out, but she's a super sweet and awesome lady) as well as the APA format since the papers you write will have to be in APA.

    I can't really recall anything else off the top of my head - but if I do i'll make sure to add it
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    Thanks Kimsey, did they happen to say where we need to get our clinical uniforms from? Blue pants, white shirts and shoes I imagine. Also any other "tools" that we will need? Stethoscope, scissors, etc?I think I may put some of this on my Xmas list.
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    Thanks Kimsey
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    There should be a company that will come in for you to order your scrubs from - I found them pretty reasonable I got a pair of pants, scrub top and lab coat for around $62 - the lab coat was 23.95, the pants were 15.95 and the top was 18.95, which without the lab coat is far cheaper than I paid for some of my work scrubs (I'm partial to Iguana med scrubs and they're a little more costly but last forever). They're all Cherokee brand, which is a nice brand to me and the pants are galaxy blue - they should be there to let you try them on, however, I warn you they run big and long - I normally wear a medium regular and ended up with a small petite pants (I'm around 5'4'' and definitely not very skinny anymore). I believe the bookstore has a bundle you need for 'tools' I already have some of the supplies but I'll purchase things as I need them - I definitely recommend 3m Littmann stetoscopes but they are expensive, but they can make the difference in hearing. Talk to other people about what they're going to be getting during your camp I can and see what they recommend - and also I've heard from some people that are in the program and some that have graduated that a study buddy who meets your learning style is a must have, so try to find someone who matches you and definitely study together!

    As far as shoes, get you a comfortable pair that you can stand in for 8 hours and not be in pain - trust me it DOES make a difference. I have a pair of old nurse mates that I hate from LPN school, but I don't have any other white shoes, so I'll be looking for a pair - where I worked as an LPN we could wear pretty much whatever color shoes we wanted - though they preferred black, so I don't like spending a lot of money on a pair of white shoes I'll never wear again, LOL.
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    Kimsey, are you required to purchase the lab coat they want you to, or can you use any? I already have one from Phlebotomy and it is really nice and wasn't cheap.
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    I think you can use any, however you will have to put a patch on it that you can order from the uniform place - otherwise I don't think they'd have a problem with you using a labcoat that you already own - but you should ask the instructors during camp I can - i'm not sure how much the patches cost, but they're not supposed to be very expensive at all.

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