Gordon College Spring 2013 Applicants - page 9

The printable applications are up on the Gordon site now!!! I was surprised it was already up! Got mine printed & filled out with all my stuff packed away in an envelope ready to turn in first thing... Read More

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    There are a lot of variables to it, but a lot of it also depends on the critical thinking exam you have to take, what the other applicants scores and their applications look like, they also look at the main science classes, and which professor/instructor you took and what you made, they seem to pull from all GPA levels, so a lower GPA doesn't mean anything. It also helps if you're a current Gordon student, but they do take transfers, but from what I've been told they pick from their students first.
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    hi old_dude! Just how terrifying was the critical thinking assessment?
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    Hi Broberts136

    Did you reapply to Gordon's Nursing program?
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    1 mrzhughes, yes I did and I just started the program this August and there are 80 people in our class. Did you apply for the upcoming spring class?
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    Thank you, I received my letter for the Critical Thinking exam that I have to take on the 6th. I already applied to the school so I think that they do consider me as a transfer student. Have you taken the Critical Thinking Exam, and what does the test consist of so I have an idea?
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    The critical thinking test is very difficult to describe, it's not based on knowledge, it's more based on prioritizing and choice making and being able to apply information that you're given. I can't recall any example questions right now, but if I think of any or see any I'll post them for you!
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    Hey guys, Ive read all of the threads. Congrats to everyone on getting in the program, I too was accepted and I had a question on the classes we register for. I kno were required to register for 1905 and 1910 but is that it? I just figured their would be more than two classes to take.
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    I'm afraid you're going to have to ask your advisor about this - they have revamped the program and have changed the class numbers that you take.. I've never even seen or heard of 1905 or 1910 - and from the fall schedule it looks like those have replaced 1901 and 1921, so I'm not sure - just call up and talk to someone in the nursing office and they can help you out.
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    It's only the 2 classes.

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