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The printable applications are up on the Gordon site now!!! I was surprised it was already up! Got mine printed & filled out with all my stuff packed away in an envelope ready to turn in first thing Monday morning! I'm applying... Read More

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    Not too much longer for you all to go!! We had our LPN-RN Orientation yesterday and it was a lot of info!! Unfortunately very little of it really applies to first semester for you guys

    Almost to the middle of this week!! I'm hoping for all of you!!
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    Congratulations Kimsey on your orientation! Best of luck and way to go!
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    Quote from broberts136
    So, I keep having dreams of opening my mailbox and seeing that beautiful letter saying "You've been accepted!" And if that wasn't bad enough, I keep looking at the class schedule for next semester. I am definitely a little obsessed and ready to get this train going. Sending good thoughts and prayers to all.

    Hahaha I'm not the only one going crazy, lol. I just told my husband I'm thinking about this letter so much that I have started dreaming about it, I stare at every mail truck even though its not my neighborhood delivery person, this is like gesssshhhhhhhhhh come on, oh I even checked the mail twice in one day, knowing I had already checked it earlier. God I'm just praying for us all to be accepted and finally meet in January. Praying that we all will be celebrating with Kimsey!!!!
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    Well that makes three of us having those dreams I'm just so ready to see that letter that says CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED! ....hang in there everyone were almost there
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    It's FRIDAY!!!! Hopefully this time next week we will ALL BE OPENING OUR ACCEPTANCE LETTERS well that is if we don't get them earlier in the week
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    Well, another Friday mail run and still no letter. I guess Gordon is going to make us wait until the last possible moment. At least we only have a few more days left in the month. Sending good thoughts and prayers to all!
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    Same here broberts, I was really anticipating receiving a letter on this beautiful friday. I am so ready for us all to type Accepted!!! Ugh the wait is really really really not much fun. I guess the best things in life are worth waiting for though and the positive side only three more days til the 30th, I have never wanted the weekend to go by so fast, lol. Praying praying praying for us all to see accepted to Gordon spring 2013 nursing school very soon.....
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    Praying we all receive great news this week!!! Here's to all of us opening that acceptance letter this week
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    Right there with you Pinoysailor. Praying for GREAT news to be in everyone's mailbox today!
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    Just a heads up guys - I heard today that they have NOT sent out any acceptance letters yet - this came from a faculty member (in nursing) so I would hope that it is accurate information.

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