Gordon College Spring 2013 Applicants - page 6

The printable applications are up on the Gordon site now!!! I was surprised it was already up! Got mine printed & filled out with all my stuff packed away in an envelope ready to turn in first thing... Read More

  1. by   broberts136
    Well, another Friday mail run and still no letter. I guess Gordon is going to make us wait until the last possible moment. At least we only have a few more days left in the month. Sending good thoughts and prayers to all!
  2. by   hopefullGordonGirl
    Same here broberts, I was really anticipating receiving a letter on this beautiful friday. I am so ready for us all to type Accepted!!! Ugh the wait is really really really not much fun. I guess the best things in life are worth waiting for though and the positive side only three more days til the 30th, I have never wanted the weekend to go by so fast, lol. Praying praying praying for us all to see accepted to Gordon spring 2013 nursing school very soon.....
  3. by   Pinoysailor
    Praying we all receive great news this week!!! Here's to all of us opening that acceptance letter this week
  4. by   broberts136
    Right there with you Pinoysailor. Praying for GREAT news to be in everyone's mailbox today!
  5. by   kimsey
    Just a heads up guys - I heard today that they have NOT sent out any acceptance letters yet - this came from a faculty member (in nursing) so I would hope that it is accurate information.
  6. by   broberts136
    Thank you very much for the heads up Kimsey!! Although that is a little frustrating, at least I will not be going totally crazy waiting on the mailman everyday.
  7. by   casketgrrl180
    Thank you Kimsey! I'm still sitting here anticipating, though!
  8. by   broberts136
    Here is to hoping we all find treats in our mailboxes today! Happy Halloween!
  9. by   broberts136
    I received my letter today and was not accepted to Gordon. I want to send good thoughts to everyone and the best of wishes for great success in the program.
  10. by   hopefullGordonGirl
    Today was a day of treating for my family and myself. I as well received my letter from Gordon and did not make it into this Spring nursing program. I was rather disappointed but had to realize that God said its just not my time yet. So broberts still keeping our future nursing careers alive in prayer and guess we will be playing another waiting game, still praying for much success for everyone else!!!!
  11. by   old_dude
    I know how you guys who were not accepted feel. I applied for Fall 2012 and was not accepted. However, today I got my acceptance letter!!!! w00t

    Don't give up!
  12. by   casketgrrl180
    Old_dude, if you don't mind me asking, what were your credentials? Scores, etc. If you don't want to answer, I totally understand!
  13. by   Pinoysailor
    Congrats old_dude that's Awsome news!!!!! I'm sorry to here that broberts136 and hopefulgodongirl about not getting in but keep your heads up and apply again persistence is key .....I'm still in limbo waiting for my letter and praying for the best