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The printable applications are up on the Gordon site now!!! I was surprised it was already up! Got mine printed & filled out with all my stuff packed away in an envelope ready to turn in first thing Monday morning! I'm applying... Read More

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    I am right there with you hopefullGordonGirl. I am so excited that it is October 1 and we only have approximately 31 days (hopefully less) to receive our acceptance letters. Bring on the good news!!!!
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    I'm right thee with you both hopefullGordonGirl and BroBerts136 I can't believe that October has finally arrived.. I hope we don't have to wait til the 31st for the letters to arrive. In the previous Spring Hopeful threads the found out around the 26th so I'm praying that all of us get that acceptance letter we've all been waiting for around that same date....
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    omgomgomg I got my letter today - I've been conditionally accepted into the lpn to rn bridge program!!! maybe you guys will get your letters soon too ! !!! ill post more when I have time and can get to a laptop instead of my phone !
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    Way to go Kinsey! That's so exciting! I can't wait until we all start getting big fat acceptance letters!
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    Way to go Kimsey! Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing more and hopefully seeing you in the Spring.
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    So - I was getting ready to go to get some lunch today and I heard my roommate come home from work but then she left again, so I came outta my room and saw an envelope sitting on the table - and I saw it said Gordon College and immediately opened it - inside were a conditional acceptance letter and all of the things I have to do to get there. I'm guessing they send out the LPN acceptances as soon as possible because there's a lot of mandatory things I have to do by Nov 29th and it would be difficult to accomplish it all in a month. I have to go to an orientation, take a validation test, go to a dosage & calculation review, take a dosage & calc test, go to a clinical skills review, take a skills test, do a library orientation (ive already had two library orientations now, this will be #3, ugh!) and then the last thing is something called Camp I Can and it's two days. I think that most of this only pertains to the bridge program, but some of it might be required for the regular program.

    So basically I'm conditionally accepted, provided I pass the skills test, dosage & calc test and the validation test - easier said than done since I haven't done half this stuff since I graduated LPN school and where I worked we had dosage packs and didn't have to calculate anything!

    Let me know when you guys get your letters!!!!
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    Only 21 more days to go till the end of the month! Here is to the time going by quickly and good wishes for all.
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    I haven't been on here in a while, trying to make the time go by faster, lol. Major Congrads to Kimsey and heres to praying that you pass all requirements with flying colors. Still praying that we all receive acceptance letters this month, I'm so focused on that one little envelope that says Gordon college, I might need to open it in a hospital so they can revive me if I pass out before I open it. Best of wishes everyone!!!!
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    Another week done nada new week started! We are getting to the end of the wire! Hoping and praying we all get our acceptance letter soon
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    So, I keep having dreams of opening my mailbox and seeing that beautiful letter saying "You've been accepted!" And if that wasn't bad enough, I keep looking at the class schedule for next semester. I am definitely a little obsessed and ready to get this train going. Sending good thoughts and prayers to all.

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