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The printable applications are up on the Gordon site now!!! I was surprised it was already up! Got mine printed & filled out with all my stuff packed away in an envelope ready to turn in first thing... Read More

  1. by   hopefullGordonGirl
    I dropped mine off at the last minute, well the last second really, the receptionist had put up the sign that spring application was closed and to wait for fall as I came off the elevator and she was very very nice to take my packet, I am praying that we all get into the spring program and that these next two months fly by and we can look back at this thread and be like remember when..... Best of wishes and prayers everyone
  2. by   broberts136
    Good luck ladies! Hope to see y'all at the Critical Assessment Exam.
  3. by   hopefullGordonGirl
    All thanks be to God, just received my critical thinking exam in the mail today, one step closer, keep praying you all and if your taking classes this semester good luck with your studies!!!
  4. by   Pinoysailor
    Just got my critical thinking test letter! Thank you Lord! Taking my test on the 29th!
  5. by   hopefullGordonGirl
    Congrats Pinoysailor, I am the 29th as well, I want to frame my letter but I put it in my bible instead, I'm praying very hard for us all to get in, I am soooooooo wishing it was October all ready, gosh!!!
  6. by   broberts136
    Hi All,
    I too am taking the critical thinking exam on the 29th and look forward to seeing y'all there. I really hope my fall semester class will keep my mind occupied while waiting for the end of October! Too long!!
  7. by   kimsey
    Good luck to everyone on the critical thinking test! I'm scheduled for the 24th (I posted that I got my letter previously but never posted the date).

    Is everyone so far applying to the regular program or the LPN bridge? (I'm applying for bridge)
  8. by   Pinoysailor
    Thanx hopefulGordonGirl! I too will be praying! Congrats to you as well
  9. by   broberts136
    Kimsey, I am applying to the regular ASN program. Good luck to you on your application for the LPN bridge program!
  10. by   kimsey
    Thank you, broberts136! Good luck to you as well Hopefully we all make it no matter which program!
  11. by   hopefullGordonGirl
    I keep looking at old Gordon nursing student trends and comparing their stats to my stats to see what my chances of getting in are. All in all it just seems like it takes alot of praying and faith to make it in and hard work. I am so just wanting it to be October already and be apart of the joyous ones to say I got accepted. Heres to praying the months fly by and we all get accepted!!!
  12. by   kimsey
    I've been looking at the old stats too, but I'm not sure if they take previous applications into consideration or not -I'd be interested to know whether they do or not!

    I'm ready for it to be Oct as well - and I wanna get the Critical thinking exam over! I was talking to someone in my class who had taken one before and they said it was things like "The dog is laying by the bowl, what can you determine from this" with options like "he's hungry" or other things.. I guess we'll find out when we take it what it's really like!

    Question for everyone - on the yellow critical thinking exam sheet they mailed out did you guys have numbers or markings on them at the top? Mine has a mark on it but I can't really tell what it is!
  13. by   hopefullGordonGirl
    Mine wasnt yellow it was blue and had a number in the top right corner. I was wondering what that number meant as well, I wonder if it is the number that they received the application in. I don't know just a guess. I'm excited though about the whole process, I'm just praying for a big blessed congradulations you have been accepted into the spring 2013 nursing program at Gordon, awwwwww OCTOBER come on!!!! lol

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