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I wanted to start a thread for anyone out there applying to Gordon College's Fall 2013 Nursing program. Application has been submitted, now the fun of waiting begins!!! Good luck to all that are out in cyber-world.... Read More

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    Quote from skaimarie
    @shaemarie if u don't mind sharing ur stats and ur test scores.?
    Not at all. 4.0 science, 3.9 overall, 74% TEAS V 86% Critical Thinking, Transfer student, 2 prerequisites to be completed.

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    I've been temporarily wait listed
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    Congrats to everyone and I look forward to meeting everyone. And I am keeping my fingers crossed for the waitlisters to move up quickly. Just to give you an idea the deadline to turn in acceptance is May 6th. So, hopefully you will hear shortly thereafter. :-)
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    Macongirl, I have not.
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    Thanks! I'm jus prepared to apply again. I got accepted to Emory but even with a few grants and a few small scholarships they are still too expensive. @broberts thanks for the information, by chance so you know how many people get waitlisted?
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    Congrats to everyone that got in!!! For the ones that did not get in or were waitlisted, dont give up! I was accepted on my third try.
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    Congrats! Nothing in the mailbox today but hopefully tomorrow.
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    Did anyone hear anything today? I still haven't received anything. Still waiting and trying not to get anxious.
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    not thing today, mail box is still empty.
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