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I wanted to start a thread for anyone out there applying to Gordon College's Fall 2013 Nursing program. Application has been submitted, now the fun of waiting begins!!! Good luck to all that are... Read More

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    Skymarie I prob will go with Darton its four semester straight through. Little over a year.
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    Congratulations! Four semesters sounds awesome. Does Darton only have a campus in Albany?
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    I meant five semsters. I think they have one in cordele and thomason.
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    I know it's only the beginning of the month, but my nerves are frazzled waiting on a decision. Do you think they just like to torture us as a way to prepare for nursing school?!
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    I hope not! Unfortunately, I've worked myself up reading threads from the two previous fall and spring starts for Gordon and apparently, when they say late October and May-they mean it!
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    Hello all...
    This is my 3rd time applying. I am hoping this one will be the charm. I made a 67 on the TEAS and a 70 on the critical thinking test and my GPA is 3.33 and I am also being counted as a Gordon student not a transfer. It is very competitive! I wish you all luck. Did anyone else attend the class "How to make the most of nursing school" at Gordon???
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    I was told decision letters would be mailed out by April 30th... Past experience, they wait until the LAST minute to mail them out! I will be shocked if they come before the 30th. Also, for the last 2 semesters acceptance letters come in an envelope with a see through window, denial letters have your name typed on the envelope. Dont know if it will be different this time??? The waiting is killing me!!!!
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    Yeah, last application round they waited until the very last moment. I think I received my letter the beginning of November. It is just torture! I am not a Gordon student yet, but I would have loved to have taken the information class you mentioned. More information the better. Sending prayers and good thoughts for us all!!
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    20 days until the end of the month and counting.........
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    So, as the month draws to close I am approaching the decision day with trepidation, excitement and overall anxiousness. I feel sorry for the postman these next 10 days as I stalk the mailbox. Finals cannot even calm my nerves. Anyone else?!
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    Next week is the 30th.......
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    I'm in!!!!
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