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I wanted to start a thread for anyone out there applying to Gordon College's Fall 2013 Nursing program. Application has been submitted, now the fun of waiting begins!!! Good luck to all that are out in cyber-world.... Read More

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    Doesn't anyone have an idea when to expect results from the critical thinking test?

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    I would imagine the results should be uploaded to the ATI website later in the week. I figure I will start checking for results Wednesday or Thursday. And then the long wait begins......
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    Hi guys,
    The Critical Thinking Test is upload now on website. Go check it, i got 52. I know it is very low but i am not susprised due to i was sick in that morning. Guys, could i get the other test for spring 2014?
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    I checked my critical thinking test as well. I got a 67.5%, I wished I would have done better but Im praying that I get in.
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    I made a 57 on my critical test!! This test was unlike any other test I have ever took. Not very happy with this score.
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    Macongirl, The scores that we look at are the composite score right?
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    Hi bdycky,Yes, it is composite score. I have applied for darton in summer 2013 too, and wait to get the other teas test, because my teas score now is over 6 months
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    Macongirl, I will be trying to get into Darton College for their Fall semster also. Deadline is not until April 15. I applied for the summer semster also but I do not think that all my grades got put in before the deadline. So I'm really not counting on getting in for the summer quarter. But I take my Teas March 22.
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    Has anybody heard anything new?
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    Nothing yet. :-( Except, last week Gordon sent a letter from the Nursing School about the new bachelors program in health information and I thought I was going to pass out because when I saw the envelope I thought it was the nursing school decisions already. It is going to be a long April.

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