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I will be applying to Georgia Regents University for Fall 2014. The application opens August 1st. I will be taking the Teas test also August 30th. Please comment if you will be applying also.... Read More

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    Has anyone started on their essay?
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    When is everyone taking their teas test?
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    I haven't started anything. I have so much going on this semester so I'm not sure if I'm still going to apply. At first I was just going to go take the TEAS w/o studying for it, but that's a total waste of money. I have absolutely no time to prepare for it since school has started. I will probably just "put all of my eggs in one basket" and only apply to my current school in February. Good luck to you tho!
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    I had no idea the application was due in Nov!!! Last year's was due in January so this was a shock. I am on the Ga College 411 website and cannot find the link to the GRU application. Any help?
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    Im going to fill my application out next Friday. Did you find out hoe to do it? If so can you send the link please. Have you taken the Teas yet
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    Hey y'all! I applied to GRU Fall 2014 back in November, so after sending my final transcript as soon as this past semester was done, I AM SO READY TO KNOW WHEN WE'LL GET ACCEPTANCE NOTICES!! I can't believe they moved the application due date so far back.
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    SAME @ElizabethAnsley, I applied towards end of October. I feel like we have been waiting forever to hear back, then i heard they moved the application date. Not sure when we will hear from them now.
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    I can't figure out how to apply either on the ga411 site. :/
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    Guess I will wait it out with you all. Deadline is tomorrow. Yay!
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    The deadline is today! I'm so nervous! Does anyone have any idea when we will hear a decision??
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    Hey everyone! I also applied to Georgia Regents Augusta campus. I was just reading a thread from a year prior and letters were not sent out until the end of March. I think their deadline may have been later though. I will be so excited to hear a decision.
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    I had a meeting with them this past week manali92! They extended the deadline to February 14th, but they said they're giving priority to those who met the first deadline! Woohoo! I was file complete October 28th so I'm ready to know!! Hopefully they'll release some soon, but they said definitely before April 1!
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    Ugh does that mean we won't hear a decision now until after the new deadline of Feb. 14th?