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I have applied to the GPC program for FALL 2012. Are there any current nurses attending GPC that can tell me anything good about the program? I have only heard bad things and people are telling me to get out while I can.... Read More

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    Thank you for that info cloggersmom and congratulations on making it to the 4th semester!!! I hope I will be able to say that one day! I am all worked up about nursing school now after hearing it is like bootcamp! LOL! Good luck on your last semester & your NCLEX! Keep us posted if there is anything we need to know

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    Clinicals during 1st semester are mostly Thursday and Friday from 7-3 (my group did 6:30-2:30) every other week. A few people got Saturday and Sunday clinicals. I was at Forsyth Northside which is about 15 minutes from my house. This summer I ended up at Gwinnett Medical which is easily an hour from my house. I'll be going every Thursday from 6:30 to 6:30. Some people got Fridays (I think) and others got Saturdays. The teachers do their best to put you at the closest hospital but clearly it doesn't always work out because I live about 9 minutes from one of the summer clinical locations and ended up an hour from my house.
    Keep in mind it's tough job hunting for every new grad out there. GPC grads have a good reputation. There was one on my clinical floor this past semester. There were also two new grads working there from other ADN programs. It can help if you get a job as a patient care tech while you're in school. Hopsitals can save some money on orientation of a new hire if you've already been working there.
    Congrats on acceptance. It's really a great program.
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    Hi Cloggersmom, I am in the last semester and almost everybody bombed the first test today! Any advise for 4th semester students would be appreciated...Trying not to freak out.
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    Trust me when I say I understand! 85% of us were doing the same thing as you after our first test. In fact, it was probably more like the first three tests. Fourth semester is challenging. Not sure how you have been studying thus far but really cover the content that was given to you. Form study groups (I didn't do this until the last semester) and don't wait until the weekend before the exam to study. This is the hardest and most intense semester. I had a very hard time when others gave me the same advice. Breathe and keep your eye on your goal...this semester will fly by and before you know it you will be at pinning and then out on your own nursing! One day at a time...YOU CAN DO THIS! Let me know if I can help with anything else!
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    Any advice on what to study for first semester students?
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    Pay attention to your powerpoints, take your outline for the class and read the sections in the book the correlate in the outline (don't ready pages 250-550 just because they were assigned,), use the Fundamentals Success and Reviews and Rationales book to answer questions. It's answering the nursing school questions that's the hard part, not necessarily the content.

    Quote from TygasPoohbear
    Any advice on what to study for first semester students?
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    Great info! Thanks for sharing all of this! Do you still feel the same way that you did last year when you wrote this? I was accepted and will start Fall 2013. Any advice for the "newbies"?
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    I'm staring down my graduate date of May 1st. It's been a long, terrifying, exhausting experience. I don't really know what kind of advice to give. For me, I don't read the book. I study the power points, use outside sources like the "reviews and rationales" series, and anything I can find on the internet to help me understand. I study pretty much every day, even if just for a few minutes. I work in the ER as a tech and I carry study guides with me and annoy the nurses and docs with questions. OH! Record the lectures and listen to them all the time; in the car, at the gym, while you're cleaning, absolutely everywhere. That's honestly why I have done so well. I'm not big on study groups, but I do have one friend with whom I've studied a few times right before exams. Groups work well for some, but not for me.

    Fundamentals, for me, was easy. Don't sweat it. I never missed more than 4 or 5 questions an any of the exams. Med-surg 1 got a little tougher, but much more interesting. I got a little lazy in my studying and scored a B here and there but still came out with an A. Third semester, however... holy balls. It was more of a time issue. You take psych online the entire semester, then OB and PEDS are divided into little minisemesters. PEDS was kind of easy. OB was tougher. Psych was OK. It's just that you'll feel super overwhelmed with the schedule and having more than one class to study for again. We lost quite a few really great students to OB. Prepare to become the most organized person ever. The schedule kind of gets crazier and crazier as you go, then fourth semester it slows down a little and it's almost like an online course. We only meet as a class the week before exams.

    Fourth semester is really killing a lot of folks. I'm finding it to be pretty awesome. It pulls from everything you've learned so far, and builds on it so if you didn't get it down in fundamentals and med-surg 1, it'll be really rough. It's been my favorite so far because it feels more like real nursing.

    We also utilize ATI. It's a sort of NCLEX prep/passing predictor program. We have practice tests, books, and skills videos. Every course requires passing the exit ATI exam with a level 1 (3 is the highest) or better. If you fail to get a level 1 in two attempts, you're out. I don't think we've lost anybody that way yet. Also, we take a few dosage calculation tests that are the same deal, two attempts and you're out. We didn't lose anybody to those either.

    Some clinical instructors are better than others. Some let you go everywhere, see everything, and do lots of cool stuff. Some don't. That's just the luck of the draw.

    Also, y'all win because you no longer have the "three strikes you're out" rule for skills check offs. That was a nightmare.

    One thing is certain, you will be prepared for the NCLEX. When I first started I thought I would be nervous about it but I'm not the slightest bit concerned about passing.

    So basically, study. A lot. If you're a reader, read. If you're like me and it's pointless, skip it. Don't freak out. Go to the teachers if you're having trouble and don't wait until it's too late. We lost a few that way. I would suggest trying to get a tech job as well. Not only do you get to do more stuff in the hospital, but you have a much better chance at finding a job when you're done. And listen to your recorded lectures. Listen to them constantly, until you practically have them memorized lol. That's what's gotten me really great grades so far. And know that it will be over eventually. And you'll want to burn your white uniform, and you'll hate care plans with the fire of a thousand suns, but if you can keep reminding yourself about how you feel *RIGHT* *NOW*, then you'll do fine. Whenever I start to be filled with the dark, scary nursing school rage I just remember how I felt when I got my acceptance letter.
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    Thanks so much for this thorough break down! I do best re listening to lectures rather than reading so I'm happy to know the professors don't mind students to record them u are almost there! U must be counting down the days. Can't wait to start this journey and get it over with!
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    Just one note.. I am in med surg now.. and we have 3 and out back in for the skills lab. We did not for first semester..but it is for this semester. They did not label it as such. But if you dont pass it by a certain date after 3 attempts you fail clinical, and if you fail clinical you fail the class. We are just about to start 3rd attempts. I am glad I passed on the first one.

    But learn how to take the test.. Read Test for Sucess. The test are a little game. Once you firgure out how to take them, they are not so bad.

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