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Hello all, I am looking for someone to give me an honest review of the ADN program at Georgia Perimeter College. I have read/heard many, many horrible comments about the program there. Also, I understand that they were on... Read More

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    adorable42181...did you start GPC last year? How is it? I just received my acceptance letter from GPC nursing program and would really like your opinion after attending for a year. Thanks!

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    i too have been accepted into the program but I haven't decided if i will attend. the negative comments have gotten to me and i do not want to set myself up for failure.
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    Don't think about it that way bodzemo... you will find negative comments about every school.. just look at the most recent ones and their pass/fail and retention rates. good luck to you!
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    Don't let the Na Sayers stop you from getting to where you want to be. There are always gonna be negative ppl around no matter what. Just curious, why did you apply to GPC if you think your "setting yourself up for failure"? GPC nor any other nursing school are gonna give you a nursing degree, your gonna have to work for it:-)
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    Kiki & Keepmoving...Thank you for positive feedback. Since I have been in school (taking my core classes) I have heard neg things about Professors...but then when I get in their class I end up loving them!

    Bodzemo...This brings me to say that some people say negative things because they did not do very well in the class...not necessarily because of the Professors. I think it is more what you put into it than anything. If nursing is your dream, I say go for it! I have a question PLEASE HELP. I am currently in Micro and it is looking like I will end up with a 'C' in the class. Does anyone know if this is acceptable or will it knock me out of the nursing program? I made an 'A' in A&P I and a 'B' in A&P II. I dont know if I need to re-take Micro this summer to be on the safe side. Please help if anyone know's GPC's policy. I have received my acceptance letter for Fall Nursing Program 2012. Thank you so much!!!
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    Don't retake micro if you pass with a "c". Theres no point, plus you won't have time to study it in nursing school.
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    According to the gpc nursing website, , you need a 2.7 average in science pre-reqs. Even with a C in micro, your average will be 3.0, so it looks like you are safe without repeating it.
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    Thank you so much keepmoving & watashi!!! I feel alot better now
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    Hi Lovleeme, Sorry it took so long to respond. Yes I started last fall. It is an awesome program, the first semester was a breeze for me, but this med-surg is kicking my butt. The teachers really want you succeed, there are so many resources at the school to help you. The negative thing I have to say is that the check-offs build up so much anxiety a couple of people had to go on meds to calm their nerves right before check-offs. But I know there were talks about changing the way check-offs are done this fall. HTH
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    Hi adorable! That does help...thanks for responding! That eases my mind...the waiting game is hard and I start thinking of so many questions! (I thought waiting on my acceptance letter was hard, but the anticipation of nursing school starting is worse!) I wish you well with this semester (I have read so many of your posts, I feel like I know you. LOL!) Good luck and thanks again

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