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I am a 1st year nursing student at GPC and am having a very difficult time right now with my decision for coming to this school. The program is very unorganized. Here is a list of the problems I have found so far: 1. There are... Read More

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    Did anyone go full time to take their prerequisites at GPC?

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    I am taking my pre rq at GPC now, I still do not understand why I have to take mat 1101?
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    Hi Serenity
    You may want to check with the school about the MATH 1101. I was able to substitute this for another math course that was at the same level or above. I ended up taking College Algebra.

    This is one of the prerequisites required for all majors.
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    Has anyone applied for the Fall 2009 semester?
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    I would like to get some info about GPC's nursing program. I already have a BA from the U of Alabama. I would like to talk to someone in person about what I need to do (what will transfer, etc). I am signed up to take Bio 1611 / L and Psych 1101 starting next week. Does anyone know of someone helpful that I can talk to? Will be on the Dunwoody campus. Thanks in advance!!
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    I was accepted to begin the GPC Nursing program for Fall 2010. Have there been any changes to the program, or are people still experiencing all of the negativity that has been previously posted in this forum? I'm interested to know if things are getting better. Any info or updates is greatly appreciated!!
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    I would also love to hear some more current feedback from students that are in the program at GPC now or have just recently completed it. Thank you!
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    I will complete my 1st year of Nursing school at GPC in 2 weeks. I would recommend that you apply to other Nursing schools along with GPC. I would put GPC at the bottom of your list of schools and only accept it as a last resort. I wish I had gone to another school, but I am too far along to change now. The school is very disorganized. Teachers teach from the powerpoint copied from the highlighted areas in the book. When students ask questions during class about the subject the teachers don't have the answer 90% of the time and have to use the break time to search the internet for the answer. The test questions are never on anything they lecture about. We started in Fall 09 with 175 students, the class is now down to 120 or so....after two semester!!! Make GPC your last choice in choosing Nursing school! I just tell myself one more year to go!
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    I am taking a/p, chem, and micro at GPC, then transferring to Gordon. How is those prereq classes at GPC anyone
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    I took chem and A & P I and II at GPC. I have been fortunate and have had good experiences, but it REALLY depends on your professor as I have been hearing horror stories about some of them. Check the rate my professor website before you make a decision and make sure that the instructor actually knows the material and does not just read the powerpoint slides because you need someone that can answer your questions or explain it in another way if you have difficulty with the concepts. A & P in particular is very challenging (at least for me) and I had to study constantly to get an A, but it was interesting and I enjoyed the classes when all was said and done. Best of luck!
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