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I am a 1st year nursing student at GPC and am having a very difficult time right now with my decision for coming to this school. The program is very unorganized. Here is a list of the problems I have found so far: 1. There are... Read More

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    I remember during my time there in 2003 they were so disorganized and alot of the instructors just made you feel dumb. I realized I couldnt be that dumb if I got into nursing schoo. Luckily my mom is a nurse and just blantantly told me to withdraw and go somewhere else b/c they werent teaching me what I needed to know. I kept feeling like I was going to kill someone b/c I didnt have enough skills or knowledge. When I was at GPC we had 6 or 7 weeks of skills check off but no one ever showed us how to help someone out of bed or give a bed bath. We were told to watch the video. Uhhh hello....not everyone learns that way!!

    I asked tons of questions but still didnt help me pass the tests. I did practice questions, read the required chapters and even did extra work out of study didnt help. I got out..applied to Gordon College and had a much better experience. Hopefully since the G BON came to talk to the students things will get better. I almost want to get a master's degree so I can teach there and give some light to the struggling nursing students.

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    Hey there everyone:
    Thank you so much for all the posts that you have sent in. GPC is not getting any better and I just ended up with a 66 on my last test. 4 points lower than what I thought I had after the test review. I have set up to go over the test with my advisor but the teachers say that they do a review after each test and stated that they did go over each of the 50 questions and none were given credit. I had and still do have a hard time grasping that all the instructors got together and looked over all the emails from the students and decided in one day (most tests take a week for the grades to be posted). But, I am not giving up. We are going to have a meeting (all of the Fundamentals students) tomorrow with the top lady and hopefully we can get some things changed to make this a positive experience for everyone. I do hope that it gets better but I am also going to look into plan Bs. Good luck to you all and I wish you the best. God bless.
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    OK, I'm going to apply some tough love here. If you are in Fundamentals and struggling, this program definitely isn't for you. Trust me on this. You're only allowed one fail. Folks that actually graduate from this program use that one fail, but they use it in 3rd or 4th semester. Count your losses and run as fast as you can with your still-intact GPA.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I wish I had the same warning before I entered that crypt of hell!
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    Well said, dmarie. I had to withdraw at the midpoint of 2nd semester, and I cannot describe to you what it did to me. It emotionally and physically broke me. For months.

    I'm a bright lady, and began the program with a 3.8 GPA. I was forced to withdraw to save my GPA. Failing an 11 hour course will dash any dreams of getting into another good school. That was not an option. And you're right, it is a shame that we have such a nursing shortage and GPC is running off really competent, compassionate future nurses. I gave up on the career completely, after being waitlisted and finally not getting in at NGCSU and Athens Tech.

    Get out when you can, and go to a school that cares about you. When a couple hundred people begin, and 28 finish, the numbers speak louder than any words.
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    This is truly awful to hear these things about this school. Westheat, you are getting alot of good advice from those who have done it and even though you may have to wait another year or so, but it the whole scheme of things (to help make you a better nurse overall), it's probably worth it. I've heard that Gordon College is a really good school. I wish you luck with whatever you decide. I would start applying to other schools NOW!
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    Jemommy-- I like your location "dirty south"

    Anyway... thanx for the free info. I'm an LPN and was considering going ot GPC. If anyone knows about N Ga, I thought that they were'nt doing the satelite centers anymore and you would have to go all the way into the mountains to their campus.

    This is becoming harder and harder. I will be sure to tell any highschoolers who would like to become a nurse to start THE day after graduation, or else you can count on spending the rest of your life trying to complete this.
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    I spoke with the rep. at N. GA. a few weeks ago and according to her, the LPN-RN Bridge satellite program is alive and well. If I'm not mistaken, they have a couple of different satellite locations with a new one at Lanier Tech starting soon.

    I'm currently attending Lanier Tech's LPN program and the instructors have told us to look forward to the new satellite program offered by N. GA. I've heard great things about it!!!! :smilecoffeecup:
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    Hey westheat,

    How did it turn out for you this semester? Hopefully you derived at
    an effective resolution with the instructors/Nsg program.

    "When life give you lemons, make taste better"
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    Well the semester is finally over. I ended up with a 78! AGGHHH!! But as a very smart RN once said "A "C" = RN"!! LOL! I hope that next semester is better, but I know that it is going to be more difficult, Med/Surg, but I have 3 excellent people by my side and 2 of them are going through the program with me, so I am going to try and stay positive and stick it out. I hope the best for each and every one of you. God bless.
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    westheat, congrats on passing 1st semester! I remember I made a 79.83% 1st semster, and because they don't round up, they gave me a final grade of 'C'. I didn't care, I was just happy to be done.

    If it's at all possible, see if you can transfer to the L'ville campus. The students there do much better on average. Med./Surg. makes Fundamentals look like Kindegarten, so brace yourself. The teachers at L'ville actually prepare you for the exams and give you a head's up on what to focus on with your studies. I was a Clarkston student and regret not transfering.

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