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by DMC87

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Starting a new thread for any Georgia Highland applicants for the Fall 2013 nursing program. It's been a long road getting to this point - waiting to find out if IN for Fall 2013 :rolleyes:... Read More

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    Nothing for me either. Would have been fast if it was here today but posted anyway!
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    Nothing for me either
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    If something doesn't come soon, my whole house is going to be reorganized #tryingtostaybusy
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    my mail ran early and still nothing.. just an fyi
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    Has anyone actually confirmed the letters were mailed out?
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    I can't take the waiting anymore! As soon as someone hears something please post immediately!!
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    I've looked back at previous blogs and & all the ones I've seen have never received their letters before the 20th.. I really don't wanna wait at least another week ��
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    I went through and it seems like it was between the 21-24 that people started saying that they got letters! Hoping for some good news soon!
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    I e-mailed Hope Weaver. She said letters should go out tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest!!!
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    Thanks for the info! We'll know possibly by Friday then. I have my interview with Chattahoochee tomorrow. Talk about a nerve racking week!
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