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Hello Everyone, I am gearing up to apply for Fall 2009 at Georgia Baptist. I wanted to know if anyone else is applying there for Fall 2009 as well, or if there is anyone who has already been accepted and wouldn't mind sharing... Read More

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    I submitted my application at the beginning of march. For fall I also tried for kennesaw but did not get in. For spring I did for kennesaw, GPC as well. Well hopefully good news will be coming our way soon. Would you be living on campus at mercer or commuting? If commuting, where from?

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    Oh okay. It sounds like you and I think alike I will most likely be commuting, I live in the gainesville/ cumming area. Will you be commuting? If you don't mind me asking, what is your cumulative, transfer, and science gpa?
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    Hi yall! I just found out I was accepted for this fall! I'm excited! Yianna, I'm also from Cumming! But I don't think I'm going to commute..I'm going to find a place close to campus! I just started a facebook group called "Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Class of 2012". Join! I want to meet all of my future classmates
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    Wow, congrats!!! I just found out yesterday too! I started to cry because I was so happy!!! Haha. I don't blame you for wanting to live closer, it will definetly make your life a lot easier. In case anybody is still waiting... I talked to Ms. Taylor on thursday and she said that the "bulk" of decline letters has been sent out. Hopefully this will ease your nerves for the time being. I thought it was kind of funny that she didn't tell me when she knew the letter was in the mail, but that's just how it is!! By the way I will look the group up, I can't wait to meet everybody!
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    would any of you guys who got accepted in the program last year share their statistics& experiences of the program so far?

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