Finding job in Atlanta-is it hard for a fairly new nurse?

  1. Hello, everyone! I have big changes in my life and need to ask for a good advice!

    my husband got a goob job offer in Atlanta, actually not Atlanta, but Peachtree Corners. I have 1 year of Home Health Experience & 1 year of hospital experience in Rehab Unit, both in Chicago.

    Recently I got a job offer in Chicago at Med-Surg/Oncology floor in Chicago and starting in 1 week.

    So, basically I have 2 options:
    1. move to Atlanta with my husband now and not start my new Med-Surg job in Chicago

    2.Get a year of Med-Surg experience in Chicago and follow my husband in a year.

    of course, I have doubts about either choice, you know.

    What do you think, can I get a decent job in a hospital in Atlanta now with my current experience or will it be more valuable in a year? how hard is it to get a hospital job for somebody like me (I only have Associate Degree in Nursing).

    What are hospitals to look at?

    I will appreciate all responses! Thank you.
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  3. by   Dixielee
    I'm afraid I can't help you find a job, but I can say you should protect your marriage. It is more important than any job. Jobs come and go, presumably, your marriage is permanent. A year separation can do irreparable harm. There is not enough email and skype to make up for not being with your spouse. I would give anything to just spend one more day with my husband, but that won't happen in this life. Jobs and things are temporary. People you love is eternal.
  4. by   jcnurse2012
    you shoudl look into the new grad programs they have at hospitals in atlanta and surroungind areas and believe me they have quite a few. i no wellstar has new grad programs aswell so you can also call them and ask or apply for their porgram online. i hope this helps. and yeah listen to Dixielee , your family and marriage is very impotant so you might not want to jeopardize that. Good luck again!:}
  5. by   EbonyRN1162
    Look I just moved here in November and the only places that want to hire you are temp agencies or travel nursing. The nursing field here in Atlanta is so saturated because it's very competitive that there are thousands of people competing for the same position I too moved here because my husbands job but sometimes I wish we had stayed in Indiana. Yes, he makes good money to where I don't have to work but I love working and I want my own money and plus I didn't spend yrs. in college and $50,000 to sit on my behind. Goodluck with your job search!
  6. by   GoosbyLPN
    Have u guys tried the nursing homes, usa jobs, mental hospitals, jails, and school nurses? Probably something u dont want to do but is a foot in the door. Ive learned in Atlanta its all about who u know...Good luck to the both of u

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