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Fall Piedmont Hospital Nurse Residency - page 3

Hello All. Has anyone applied for the fall nurse residency at Piedmont and heard back yet? I know that interviews are slated to begin on Monday and I was just wondering if I am going to get a call.... Read More

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    Congratulations GaMommy81
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    Thanks ms_sgr. I hope you receive an invite as well. We all need to pray for each other for all of my prayer warriors. I really need this job and I hope the outcome of the interview is favorable.
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    bsn is not required. just make sure you're "safe" and you don't need to worry so much
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    Good luck!
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    Hi All, When I saw the new post about the positions for Feb 2013 without hearing back I had lost hope as well. I got a call two days ago to set up and interview for next week for acute care. I do not live in the area yet but am moving in a couple weeks. I am flying in early for the interview as this has been my dream position since the beginning of this year. My only concern is that I am not taking the NCLEX until September. I wish everyone luck! Keep your head up.
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    I still have not received a call, but I did accept a position at a hospital in Texas
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    Has anyone interviewed yet? Did they ask a lot of clinical questions? My critical care interview is coming up and I'm getting nervous!
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    Awesome! Congrats! PM me the hospital I live in Texas now but planned to transition to GA
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    Yay ms_sgr. I am happy for you. I wish I could relocate to Texas. What area of nursing will you be working in?
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    @ GaMommy81 I really don't want to relocate. The area is Med Surg. I have an interview today at Gordon for their Med Surg unit, so I'm hoping that I get that job.
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    Good luck to you. I hope you get it.
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    For those that interviewed, when did they say that you'll hear back?
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    They did not say, but I expect that it will be in the coming weeks because the residency is supposed to begin in October.