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Hello All. Has anyone applied for the fall nurse residency at Piedmont and heard back yet? I know that interviews are slated to begin on Monday and I was just wondering if I am going to get a call.... Read More

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    Yeah I applied to for acute care and critical care and they haven't contacted me either...I also sent my questions and resume and emailed that general email last week....so I am assuming I didn't make the cut either....especially since I didn't apply for CV go figure...

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    So you can apply for multiple residencies?
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    yes you get a first, second and third pick
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    I received an email saying that they are currently contacting "qualified" applicants for interviews for the next upcoming weeks and if I am selected they will contact me. What is "qualified"? Having a BSN? Ugh! I am trying not to scream!
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    Quote from nics1286
    So you can apply for multiple residencies?
    I applied once but when I sent my stuff in via email you got 3 choices...hope that somewhat answers your question
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    I just got a call from the recruiter. I am being considered for the acute care (med-surg) residency. I interview next week. Keeping my fingers crossed. :spin: They are calling folks so hopefully you all will be contacted soon.
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    Congratulations GaMommy81
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    Thanks ms_sgr. I hope you receive an invite as well. We all need to pray for each other for all of my prayer warriors. I really need this job and I hope the outcome of the interview is favorable.
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    bsn is not required. just make sure you're "safe" and you don't need to worry so much
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    Good luck!

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