Entry level pay rate for RN in Atlanta

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    Hello all -

    I graduated this past December and wondered a few things before moving to Atlanta:

    1. Where are the best places to look for a job (that will hire) a new grad or with one year experience?
    2. What is the approximate start salary of a new grad?
    3. How long does it take for GSBN to process a state to state application to obtain my licensing for Georgia?

    Thanks so much in advance. I don't know any nurses in Georgia to ask or lead me along the way.
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    I graduated in December and working in psych nursing right now. I do know that we have sister companies in the ATL area if I am not able to find a job in anything else. But I really enjoy mental health
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    New grads can make anywhere from 18-23 to start plus differentials. I started at 22. Most hospitals offer new grad programs- Piedmont, Northside, Gwinnet, Emory, Wellstar. What part of Atlanta will you be living in? Endorsement takes a long time. Plan for double what they tell you. Many of the new grad programs require a 2 year commmitment with a fine if you leave. I was not willing to sign any contracts. I hear that Grady hires new grads without contracts, but I never applied there. I would try to apply to the area you plan to live, commuting to Atlanta is awful.
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    I can't really answer questions 1 & 3.....it's a real shot in the dark to find out which hospitals are hiring new grads at this point, so just keep applying and making calls and hope for the best. I graduated last fall and started work at Grady a few weeks ago on the med-surg unit. They pay me $23.40 base. Hope that helps
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    How much is Wellstar Kennestone pay for new grads?
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    I am moving to Atlanta from Augusta Ga where they start new graduates out @ $20-21. However the clinic in Atlanta is offering me $25.00, I will be doing dialysis which I did prior to receiving my nursing license. Hope this helps and good luck with your move
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    Also Try Grady, Saint Josephs, Atlanta Medical, Emory and Northside Hospital for jobs. They either offer a New Grad Residency which after reading up on I think is beneficial, or are willing to hire new graduates.
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    Wow, Im shocked...I had been hearing much more for rate of pay. I was told with my 3 years experience I could expect over 30$/hour. Was I lied to? Was that unrealistic?
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    Pay is actually getting worse here, not better. New grads are now getting paid less than what new grads made years ago at the same hospitals. There are a lot of new grads and the hospitals are taking advantage of the oversaturation of the market. It is a sad state of affairs I tell you! And the work load is going in the opposite direction. Nursing is going in the wrong direction in many ways.
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    I am a 21 year experienced LPN who is currently in a LPN to RN program. After graduation and passing boards, I plan to move to Atlanta to be with my family. My question is: does anyone have any insight on the pay for a new RN with LPN experience? All responses welcome. Thank you in advance.