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Has anyone had an experience as a new grad at either of these hospitals? I want to get an idea of how the working environment is and education for new grads. Also, does anyone know how much they pay?... Read More

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    I was told that my unit was 5G. I asked HR if that was the final decision and she said yes. I was pretty confused. I hoped to rotate through all of the units as indicated on the website. They are unsure of the start date either 9/26 or 10/10. I'm super confused. Have you already completed the residency? What shifts did you usually work. What is your overall opinion of the hospital? How are the benefits? Thanks!

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    There's no 5G she must have meant 5E. That's an intermediate med surg ICU. I got into the CV program & I have been waiting for them to hire you guys so we can all start together. The HR is suppose to send you an offer letter detailing your income, contract, & etc... You will have to comme in to sign it before starting. 2nd day of general nurse orientation you will learn about benefits. Congrats again!
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    thanks for responding so quickly. Yes, you are right it is 5E. Is 5E and intermediate care unit or an intensive care unit? Basically is "intensive care unit" included in the title. I just ask because I really want specific "icu experience" Sorry to bombard you with questions, its just that when HR offered they weren't able to answer any of theses questions for me.

    Also, are any of the patients in 5E vented or being hemodynamically monitored?
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    Its an intermediate ICU. But don't worry sometimes if census is low you will get floated to other ICUs. Its a great way to get your foot in the door. Not sure if the patients are vented.
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    I disagree with csweetooth about 5E. It IS an ICU, but the unit is connected to an intermediate unit that is staffed by the same group of nurses. So yes, you will get regular med/surg ICU experience, but you will also be staffing IMCU (intermediate care unit). They rotate assignments so that everyone gets their fair share of ICU vs. intermediate patients.

    Patients on 5E can be vented, have swans, be on CRRT, etc. A bit of history about the unit (which is probably why csweetooth thought it was an intermediate unit) - maybe 8 months ago 12 beds of IMCU were converted to 5E ICU, and the nurses who worked in IMCU simply became ICU nurses. They have done a lot of training and education for these nurses, as now they see a lot of equipment/technology that isn't used at the intermediate level of care. They have lots of resources available, which probably would be great for a new grad.

    I myself just went through the residency as a new graduate about a year ago and I would highly recommend it (see my previous post in this very thread!). There are a few other residency-graduates on 5E who are very friendly and great nurses...I'm sure you will have great co-workers if you chose Piedmont!
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    I have to disagree with csweetooth, 5E IS an ICU, but it is connected to IMCU (intermediate care unit) and is staffed by the same pool of nurses. They rotate who is assigned ICU vs. IMCU patients so everyone works both areas equally. Patients on 5E can be vented, have swans, CRRT, etc. They are definitely high-acuity, ICU patients.

    A bit of history on this unit, about 8 months ago 12 IMCU beds were converted to ICU beds, creating 5E ICU. The nurses who worked IMCU simply became ICU nurses! They received a lot of training and education on equipment/technology that isn't seen at the intermediate level. That being said, they have a lot of resources at their disposal which I think would be great for a new grad.

    In this very post I gave a pretty thorough review of the residency at Piedmont. I've been off orientation for about 6 months now and I feel very prepared and very supported by other staff (techs up to MDs) when I do need help or am unsure about anything. I can't say anything about other area hospitals because I have no experience there, but if you have any questions feel free to ask or PM me!
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    Sorry about the duplicate post...I'm past the editing/delete time frame. :/
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    Either one would rock
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    Can you give any info about how to be prepared for the interview?

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