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Anyone applying to Emory? I am applying to their direct entry program, but wanted to holla and see if anyone is applying to the program as well! What have you all been up to to make your apps stronger? I am so glad that the... Read More

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    Good to know! haha, you didn't write a book, its all really nice information for me to be aware of-- Is your only reason to consider another school because of the costs, otherwise you would do it in a heartbeat? I would like to look at other schools in the atlanta area as well if you have any suggestions? One reason I really like emory is because of they have the joined np/cert programs that many schools don't.

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    I recently got accepted into the program and I start in less than a month!! What I can say about applying is ...it is a LONG wait...you will apply and will not find out until Feb. THEN the financial aid will not come until like May...so all I can say is do not put "all your eggs in one basket" Def. apply to more programs to increase your odds. It is very competitive. I believe that 415 people applied this semester @ Emory and 100 BSN students got accepted (I dunno know the exact numbers for absn/segue/ etc..)

    As far as the merit scholarships go...to my understanding and what the assistant director of Nursing Financial Aid told me is..they are allotted a certain amount of money for the merit scholarships so say 10,000....and then you have 5 people with 4.0 GPA's and 2 with 3.7 and the rest with lower GPA's..they will divide the 10,000 with the people with the highest GPA's...i had a 3.75 and I did not get the merit scholarship because the cut off this semester was 3.93....obviously it is because it is very competitive...

    Like they said at accepted students day...you pay for the name...yes you can get the same degree elsewhere..but Emory will open up so many doors for you and your future..and if you can swing the tuition..then I say go for it!!

    Let me know if you have any more questions!!
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    @creece15---yes, so glad you posted! i do have some questions, can you receive private messages?
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    Ya! Just shoot me a message!
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    Sent, thanks!!
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    @ creece15-my inbox was full, so i just cleared it up, try sending it again! sorry about that
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    Is Emory's BSN program honestly worth it? I mean, you're investing 480,000 at the most when you get the same salary as someone who went to a state school. I've been going back and forth about Emory and a state school for nursing and I just wanted to get opinions before I made a decision!
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    How do you figure 480k??
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    Quote from meeep
    How do you figure 480k??
    Its 60,000 a year times 4 years.
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    It's not 60k a year, plus most ppl only do the nursing portion there, which is 2 years. And 60kx4 = 240k, not 480 lol

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