Emory Fall 2013 BSN program

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    Hi is there anyone applying to Emory fall 2013 program in Atlanta, Georgia?
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    Hi Kcoleman1! I saw that you had posted in another thread of mines. I will be applying in Fall of 2014 to give me time to work on prereqs for other schools I am applying to. Good Luck!
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    Ok thanks . I have been searching for others on here that are applying or that is already attending but I haven't had any luck .
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    I am applying for Fall 2014 for the same reason!

    Kcoleman, you will see that thread get a bit more lively once it gets closer to the application date. However, there were quite a few ladies in that thread planning on applying for 2013!
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    Ok thanks alot @meeep
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    Hi I'm applying for the bsn second degree for fall 2013.... Hello all!! I'm very nervous and on edge right now.
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    It feels like March 1st is taking forever to get here
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    Did anyone on this site apply for the Woodruff scholarship? Are there any recipients of the scholarship monitoring this thread? If so, what were your stats or if you know a friend that got it their stats were????
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    Would anyone be interested in joining a fb group for Emory Fall BSN class/BSN class of 2015? I haven't actually created this group but I would if ppl are interested!!! If you are interested let me know and I will create it!!!!