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Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for those of us who have been accepted to the ABSN/MSN program at Emory. I thought it would be helpful in discussing preparations for next year and... Read More

  1. by   ayti
    @mandawyatt we have a lot in common. Were you told when to expect information on financial aid? Also any ideas of criteria for need based and merit aid? Wondering what the amounts are? I heard about cancellable loans by health service corps in exchange of 2yrs or more years of service in undeserved areas. Hoping the program will still be around to take advantage of. Scared of getting neck deep in debt!If I understand you well, financial aid said people don't turn down admission because of money? Will it be safe to assume most people get more aids than loans?(wishful thinking lol)
  2. by   silvrdove
    Has anyone received an itinerary for Friday, or have any idea what we are doing during those hours? I will be on campus for the entire day, but that is the only time I will have to visit Emory and make a decision. So, I'm trying to make the most of my time there. I'm assuming they'll at least give us a tour of the nursing classrooms and labs? The visiting day seems pretty short- only a few hours, compared to Columbia where it's a full day (9am-4pm).

    I'm wondering if there are any current nursing students who would be willing/available to meet and chat about the program? And/or, do any incoming students want to meet up earlier in the day? I am hoping to take a look at housing options while I'm there too, but I'm not sure where/what to look at exactly...

    For those of you who are planning to meet with the financial aid advisor- what info do you hope to cover, since we won't have our aid packages yet. I'm not sure if I should schedule a meeting with her or not...

    Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting you!
  3. by   mandawyatt
    @silvrdove I am sorry that I can't meet up before hand. I thought I was going to have baby duty in the morning, and arranged for my husband to have him, and now I have to meet up with some classmates to study for a Micro test. I don't know very much about that area anyway, so I probably wouldn't be the best one in regards to housing. But, when I went to campus last week, I saw several nice looking apartment complexes right next to campus that you can look into. Are you going to have a rental car? I wouldn't bother scheduling a meeting with the financial aid gal. You really don't learn anything concrete.

    @ayti She didn't tell me the exact criteria for Need/Merit based aid. She said it varies on the Merit based because of rules of endowment set up by the donor. But, she said some of them are pretty loosely worded like - "Give to a student who you think is going to excel." She said, you have been admitted to Emory, so we assume you are going to excel! LOL The amounts for those vary from $1,000-3,000 per semester. I guess we are all in the same boat with no Pell Grants because we have a degree already. :-(

    She said they would be awarding them in the next few weeks, but that it was very rare for someone to NOT come to the school because of financial aid. I looked into that Health Corps loan cancelling thing and it was confusing, but looked like you can't apply until after you are actually in the program. I am not sure though. Does anyone else know?

    @OneChance I don't know everyone's statistics. A couple of us did post ours on here though if you read back. I know you are nervously waiting, but I wouldn't put too much energy into comparing your numbers to anyone else's. Numbers are just one of the things they look at. I asked Katie Kennedy in the Admissions office about the average age of people in the programs and she told me that in the regular program, they try and keep it 1/2 Traditional students and 1/2 Non-Traditional, so they have extra factors that they look at that they NEVER tell us. You have submitted your application, so now all you need to do is sit back and relax! :-)
  4. by   asulliv4
    For those of you going tomorrow, what are you going to wear? Also, my acceptance letter was sent to my old address so I only received a phone call. When do we have to have the FASFA/CSS profile filled out by? Also, when do we have to pay the deposit to save our spot in the class? Thanks for your help!
  5. by   T-Dasha
    mandawyatt - Most people in my class have Apple products....So mainly Macbooks and iPhones
  6. by   bluecloud
    Hi everyone,

    It was great to meet and talk with so many of you today .

    I found the facebook page that they described today, in case you'd like to join it.

  7. by   bluecloud
  8. by   jmcdaniel479
    Hi!! It was really nice meeting everyone Friday.. Did anyone else receive an email announcing their amount of merit and endowed aid? I am sooooo confused!!
  9. by   mandawyatt
    No!! I didn't get an email yet! Was it a regular email or in OPUS??
  10. by   jmcdaniel479
    It was received through my personal email... I will check OPSUS
  11. by   bluecloud
    What are you confused about?

    Katie had told us that we would hear about merit/endowed aid this week,
    then need-based aid in a week or two,
    and then fellowship info by 1st week or so in March?

    Did I leave anything out?

    Have a great night....
  12. by   jmcdaniel479
    I heard her when she annouced the timeframe for the award process.. I have additional questions that I believe only the financial aid office will be able to answer.. Thanks tho..
  13. by   danceluver
    @bluecloud: does this merit based aid (fellowship, scholarship, etc) time frame of notification also apply to students who applied to the segue program and not the absn/msn program?