Does it matter which school to take pre-reqs- PLEASE HELP

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    I am single mom and will be starting a new career. I graduated from college back in 2000. I need to take all my science pre-reqs to get into the nursing program and I need to know the best school to attend. Does it matter which school? I live near GPC but I have read good things about GTC.. Please help

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    It doesnt matter at all where you take your prereqs. I went to GPC and then transferred to clayton state
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    Thank you and how were the professors? Did you attend the Dunwoody Campus?
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    Quote from an2on
    It doesnt matter at all where you take your prereqs. I went to GPC and then transferred to clayton state
    Uh, this is not all. I would say you were very lucky.

    This is the procedure you need to follow if you want to take your pre-reqs at another college than the one you plan on attending for nursing school.

    1. Get a college from the school you want to take your pre-reqs from..or print out the FULL course description from the courses you want to take.

    2. Set up an appointment with an advisor from the college that you want to attend...YES, they will do this even if you are not a student yet.

    3. The goal: To get them to review the course description to see IF they will accept the course for transfer...BEFORE you even take it.

    Many students are 100% unaware that colleges offer this type of advising and it is critical if you know in advance you are going to transfer. Some colleges have odd requirements such as the fact that there are certain courses that you HAVE to take nursing school had a very specific math course that you could not have transferred in, etc.

    However, just because you take a course at one college doesn't automatically mean it will transfer to another...nor will they tell you it will. They have to look at the courses in order to make that determination.
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    Wow I needed all that information. Is there difference in one school getting more credits accepted vs another school? I think I'm going to pick either GPC or GTC (for pre reqs)but I plan to transfer to Georgia State for BSN program. I just rather get all my pre-reqs at a cheaper college..
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    Ga State Requirements for traditional program are

    ENG Comp I and 2 ( Eng 1101 and 1102)
    Math Modeling of College Algebra (MTH 1101 or 1111)
    Bio I and II with Lab or Chem I and II with Lab ( Most schools require Chemistry)
    Microbiology with Lab

    They generally accept credit from any regionally accredited can check here

    All Schools have their own courses outside of above list as prereqs that you can only take there......
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    Thank you so much.... I love this site...
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    Are there any SCIENCE courses I shouldn't take in the same semester?
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    Here is my advice. It really matters where you want to go to nursing school, well sorta. If you want to go to North Georgia then I would take all your core there, because they don't require chemistry before you take A&P 1, 2 and micro. With that being said, I took all my pre-reqs at GPC Dunwoody and Clarkston, and got accepted to North Georgia for Fall of 2011. I had to take chem 1511 as a prereq for A&P 1 , 2 and micro. I don't think I'm allowed to give profesorrs name here, but I would recommend you go to to read their reviews. I know of several good ones. I just finished micro at the Dunwoody campus this May. Good luck to you. I'm a mom as well, it has been hard, but well worth it. You can do it!!!!
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    Thank you for your input. How was your experience at Dunwoody? Im so scared going back to school.

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