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Hello Darton College students. I am going for round three again with my nursing application. Have anyone heard anything about the average GPA's and Hesi Scores!?... Read More

  1. by   nursingdarton
    What days and times are the labs offered I have just applied to Summer 2014 and I will still be working some while in school. What are the schedules for clinical? Are they held all week or how many days out the week and what semester do they start?

    Thank you
  2. by   All4MyBabies
    Clinicals start in the very first semester,but there are only 2 days total for the whole first semester. Starting in the summer means you are condensing a lot of material into a little amount of time, so if it were me I would either wait until the fall to start and then try to work at the same time, or start the summer and not work. Class is one day a week, lab is one day a week and then you have to do your own independent lab hours for the semester and there's only a certain window of time to get them done.
  3. by   Sara_beth
    I have been accepted for the Nursing Program starting in a week! I will be going to the Swainsboro campus, but I was wondering if you knew whether or not we were able to take classes over the summer to speed up the process? In other words, taking the classes that they have scheduled for Fall semester in the Summer and so on.
  4. by   All4MyBabies
    No, not unless they are prenursing courses. All of the nursing courses are prereqs of each other. So you can't take mother /baby before you take adult health II.
  5. by   tillie22
    I do hope this thread is still alive. I have applied for the 2015 Spring Nursing program at the Darton Albany campus. I will not be notified of whether or not I am accepted until November 2014. I will be taking TEAS sometime in October. I just graduated from ATC with a degree in Radiology Technology. I fell in love with the emergency room and nursing; so, that is why I am back in school for a RN degree. I just had a interview for a rad tech job at a local hospital. The shift I have been offered is on Sunday 7am until Monday 7am. Yes, its a 24 hour shift, but this is a very, very, very slow hospital and it's only 1 day a week. I have my fingers crossed that this work schedule will work with the RN program. I do not know anything about clinical and class times/days throughout this program. So, any advice offered will be greatly appreciated!
  6. by   DLewis.RN2b
    i work the q weekend shift anticipating starting darton fall bridge 2014, goodluck!
  7. by   tillie22
    Good luck to you too DLewis.RN2b!
  8. by   DLewis.RN2b
    Thank you, same too!