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Hello Darton College students. I am going for round three again with my nursing application. Have anyone heard anything about the average GPA's and Hesi Scores!?... Read More

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    Quote from dartonRN1983
    My daughter took her HESI yesterday. Her overall score was 84% class average was 77% she got 72 in A&P class average was 67. Her GPA is 3.4. She has only nursing classes left. She did not make acceptance in the Spring 2011 class so I am hoping and praying they let her in this time since her current GPA and HESI score is the exact same as someone who did get in the Spring 2011 class.

    Do you mind me asking what she made on her Spring 2011 HESI? This was my first time taking the HESI and I really don't want to have to stress about it again! So I'm hoping and praying that I get accepted. Good luck to her as well! I think she has a chance because my class average today was 78% and A&P was 68%. And she also has all of her core done so that is a great advantage! Good luck!

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    Overall she made 79% with 67 on A&P.
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    Hey guys, got my Acceptance letter today!!!!!!
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    Congratulations!!! Which location did you apply to?
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    Quote from erincamille
    Congratulations!!! Which location did you apply to?

    Albany Campus
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    Just got my acceptance letter yesterday to the Cordele tract!
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    Is anyone applying for Summer 2012. If so, GOOD LUCK to everyone I really hope I get in. Im so nervous!
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    yes I am. I'm waiting to get in Darton Swainsboro campus. I have to take the hesi March 22. I nervous but excited because I have been studying so I feel I'm prepared. Have you taken the Hesi.
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    erincamille I made a 78.40% on the Hesi your right about the english and math they were easy but tricky. My hesi was also a 68%. I'm nervous that this score may not be high enough. Can you tell me if you know anyone that got in with this score? And is the cordelle campus a bridge program?
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    Hi Successful_girl91,

    I have applied for summer 2012 and completed the HESI. I am just hoping all who apply will have a great chance of getting in!

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