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Hello Everyone, I was following the acceptance forum for Clayton State Fall 2011. It was very interested and informational so I thought I would start one of my own. I just transfered to Clayton. My first semester will be... Read More

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    Most of the class has already registered. You might want to talk to your counselor or a nursing adviser to get that hold removed.

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    Hi All. Anyone taking courses this summer??
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    I'm taking four nursing electives to free myself up for next summer for an externship maybe. Only one class is on campus, which is good for me since I live an hour away from campus. What about you?
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    I'm taking a couple of courses. The summer schedule goes by so fast! Also, I am having issues trying to access the "Documentation" on the New Admit Checklist. Can you help me?
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    Yeah, some of the links don't work. It seems like there was a recent conversion with the Clayton website in general and some links haven't been updated. I've noticed that in other departments on the CSU website too.
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    Hey everyone! Congrats on those who go into the program I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your Teas V and GPA that you were accepted with.. I'm really nervous about applying! I have a 3.46 GPA and am about to take my teas. My Science/Math GPA is a 3.26 Thanks for your help!

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