CHOA Peds test.. what it's like!

  1. So, there's like, a HUNDRED posts on here asking about the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Prep test they make you take to get hired, but NOBODY actually replies that has taken it.

    So, I will tell you that I took it. It's based off the HESI pediatric exam (which they told me in the phone interview). You have to make a 750 or 800 or something to pass. Basically, it was just like pediatric NCLEX questions.

    Know normal growth and development (What would you expect a 4 yr old to do, what would be therapeutic to a toddler) and know the conditions that are PEDIATRIC SPECIFIC. Seriously, there was maybe one question on CHF that would apply to kids and adults.

    If you've been in adult care for a while, I would suggest looking over those things, because I have worked with only adults for the last year, and had I not been a semi-freshly new grad, not sure I would have known a lot of those questions.

    Good luck everybody!
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  3. by   HopefulRN2010
    Thanks so much for posting this! I just scheduled my interview for Monday, and have been looking EVERYWHERE for information on this test. They told me on the phone it was just like NCLEX but I kind of figured it would be more related to the peds side! Are you currently working at CHOA or did you just have your interview? Any other information you have on the interview process would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!
  4. by   KayRN910
    Hey there!!

    Actually start next week! Very excited!

    You should look mostly at congenital disorders. but if you are a new grad and just studied for the NCLEX, it doesn't be too bad for ya.

    I interviewed with the nurse recruiter and the director on the same day. They asked a LOT, LOT of situational questions. The recruiter with more general questions like weaknesses, conflict with coworkers, ect. Director asked clinical specific questions like, deal with family members, a patient that took a turn for the worse, ect.

    It did take them over 2 weeks to offer me the job, so if it takes a bit, dont worry.

    Good luck!!! What unit you interviewing for? Or do you know yet?
  5. by   HopefulRN2010
    Thanks so much! And Congratulations! That is very exciting!

    I actually have a year of experience but it's with adults, so I'm pretty sure I'll have to refresh!
    They scheduled everything in the same day. I start with the test, then go to the recruiter, and then the assistant nurse managers.

    I'm interviewing for the PICU! Where did you get hired (If you don't mind me asking)?

    And again I am so excited for you! Congrats again!
  6. by   KayRN910
    I'm starting on the inpatient transplant unit at Egleston. I'm so very excited. I think it's going to be a very awesome, special job. !

    Congrats on the PICU interview! Which hospital is it at?! You'll have to let me know how it goes tomorrow! I'm pullin' for ya!!!
  7. by   HopefulRN2010
    Thanks so much for everything! I passed the test! And they invited me back to shadow...not sure what to think about that?!? But I'll take it And I interviewed for the PICU at Egleston.

    Congrats on the transplant job, that sounds amazing! Good luck!! That is very exciting!
  8. by   KayRN910
    Ohhh, shadow is a good, good sign!! Congrats!! That's so awesome!

    I'm so excited to start! I start orientation one week from today. So far it seems like a really, really awesome place to work. Have you gotten that vibe? And I have been quite impressed with their process after you get offered a job. It all seems very well put together.

    I will send good vibes your way!!!
  9. by   HopefulRN2010
    I'm hoping shadowing is a good sign! I'm scheduled next thursday, so I'll keep you posted!

    You'll have to keep me posted on your orientation process! I'm so excited for you! And I definitely get the vibe that it is a great place to work. If you look on the forums about CHOA everyone talks about if they leave CHOA they all want to come right back!

    Thanks for everything by the way! And I'll def keep you posted!
  10. by   KayRN910
    How did it go?!?! Met the educator for there today - super, super nice!
  11. by   pjp2u2
    Hi there HopefulRN! Just wanted to know how you liked your shadow experience...I work in the PICU at Egleston currently and would love to hear your thoughts, especially since you said you came from the adult world! Hopefully everything went well for you and I will be seeing you soon!
  12. by   HopefulRN2010
    I think it went really well! I just shadowed yesterday, so hopefully I will find something out soon!

    @pjp2u2- I LOVED it! I have always wanted to do pediatrics, so I felt like I was finally in the right place! It was different though. My nurse had an 8 month old and a 13 year old. And I must say changing the diaper of the 8 month old was a lot different than the diapers I change where I currently work! The nurse I was shadowing was so friendly and helpful as well. Actually pretty much everyone there was really friendly. Hopefully I will see you soon
  13. by   HopefulRN2010
    I was offered the position and, of course, accepted it! I start August 22! Can't wait! Thanks for everything KayRN910!
  14. by   KayRN910
    Yeyyyy!!!!!!! SO excited for you!!!!! I hope it's awesome!!! So far it's great, everybody is really nice. Hopefully my good vibes sent your way helped a little, at least.