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So, there's like, a HUNDRED posts on here asking about the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Prep test they make you take to get hired, but NOBODY actually replies that has taken it. So, I will... Read More

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    I think it went really well! I just shadowed yesterday, so hopefully I will find something out soon!

    @pjp2u2- I LOVED it! I have always wanted to do pediatrics, so I felt like I was finally in the right place! It was different though. My nurse had an 8 month old and a 13 year old. And I must say changing the diaper of the 8 month old was a lot different than the diapers I change where I currently work! The nurse I was shadowing was so friendly and helpful as well. Actually pretty much everyone there was really friendly. Hopefully I will see you soon

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    I was offered the position and, of course, accepted it! I start August 22! Can't wait! Thanks for everything KayRN910!
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    Yeyyyy!!!!!!! SO excited for you!!!!! I hope it's awesome!!! So far it's great, everybody is really nice. Hopefully my good vibes sent your way helped a little, at least.
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    Thanks! And no doubt you helped a lot! Maybe I'll see you in the cafeteria sometime!
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    Congratulations!! I'll be seeing you soon then PM if you have any questions or need anything!
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    Is there any way you could tell us a little more about this? How many questions, how to prepare, etc? I'm going to be taking it soon, and am super nervous! Thanks!
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    Dont be nervous! It's hard to tell somebody how to study for it, because it's basically pediatric NCLEX questions! Just know your pediatric specific disorders (not anything too crazy), and what is important to kiddos assessment wise. (Eating, peeing, pooping, respirations, cap refill... ect)

    Good luck! Post here what you think about it... to give other people some pointers in the furture!
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    I wanted to chime in here too since I just recently took the PREP test and passed!

    KayRN910 was definitely right when she said that focusing on growth and development, as well as peds specific disorders, is key. If you know your basics (interventions, therapeutic communications, etc) than you will be absolutely fine. And she was also right that the closer to your NCLEX you are, the better.

    I had never taken the HESI, only ATI, but I found my ATI peds nursing book (a general concept review guide) was more than sufficient for the test. Good luck to all of you facing this part of the interview process - you're almost there!
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    Hey! I read that you used ATI to study for the test. Did you find it really helpful? I don't know if I should just use the ati book or my notes? Advice Please!
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    I took this test recently, so I figured I would comment on what my study plan was. I used my Saunders NCLEX review book and reviewed some notes from class. I like Saunders a lot because of the organization of the material. But if you don't already own it, the ATI study guide should be fine. Although I didn't use the ATI study guide, I did do my ATI peds practice tests again. Good luck!
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