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  1. 1 Hello Ya'll,

    I know many times I have searched this forum looking for pay info. Because sometimes it's tough to find good reliable information I'm posting the lastest info from CHOA for anyone who would be interested in knowing. I'm sure many people have this information but usually hospital pay makes it on here in bits and pieces with the disclaimer that it may be outdated so here is the most up to date for this particular hospital. This is the only hospital i have this information for...

    New Grad RN pay: $22.34

    Shift diffs:
    Weekday eve & nites
    3p to 11p $3.25
    11p to 7a $4.75

    Weekend day, eve & nites
    7a to 3p $3.25
    3p to 11p $6.00
    11p to 7a $6.50

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    Thanks, thats good info to have. Good luck at the new job!
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    I was wondering if CHOA normally hires new grads for 3 12 hour shifts, or a normal 40 hour work week?

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    The standard schedule is 3x12hour shifts. So yes a new grad most likely will be working 3 x 12hour shifts.

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    Do you know if they are still actively hiring
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    I'm not sure.


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