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Hi everyone - This is my first post on here, though I've been lurking shamelessly since I even *thought* of pursuing nursing. That was long enough ago that I've been through the rigors of an ADN program (going back for the... Read More

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    Hi Miss_TT,

    How long did it take you exactly? I had a phone interview with them and I wanted to know how long I should wait because I really want to work at CHOA but another hospital is interested in me. Thanks!

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    Hi, I am graduating in December and am starting to apply. CHOA is a top choice for me, but I am having a hard time finding out who the nurse recruiter or hiring manager is and I do not want to leave that blank on my resume or cover letter. I will be a new grad without experience in nursing and I live in a tiny drinking town in the Florida Keys where an interview in rare, if you show up the job is yours, so any pointers on interviewing would be great. Thanks!
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    Hi everyone!

    Does CHOA accept new grads for jobs that are not in the residency program? Does anyone know the starting hourly (I'm graduating with my BSN in August).


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