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Hi everyone - This is my first post on here, though I've been lurking shamelessly since I even *thought* of pursuing nursing. That was long enough ago that I've been through the rigors of an ADN program (going back for the... Read More

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    Thank you thank you thank you!
    I'm trying to study as much as I can - I hope it's sinking in because I'm starting to freak out.
    I'm on the right track with Growth and Development, and Childhood specific disease, though, right??
    That's where I'm focusing my energies on, so I hope so...

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    I'm so glad to see that CHOA hires ADN nurses bc I hope to be accepted to GPC's nursing program and to work at that hospital is my dream. Good luck to the OP and please keep us posted on how it turns out!!! Best wishes
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    Yes! You are totally on the right track. It's very heavy on growth and development, and the disorders it does have are almost all pediatric specific! Good luck!!! Which campus did you interview at?!
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    Scottish Rite! Things actually moved really fast for me - phone interview last Monday, interview with the Nurse Manager Thursday, they scheduled me for the PREP test today, which I took and PASSED!!!

    I was expecting to meet with my nurse recruiter and have her interview me too (that was after I took the exam) but she didn't question me at all, except to ask "Do you want the job?"

    I bet you can guess what my answer was
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    Hi joonsusanna,Congrats on getting a job at CHOA. I had an interview last.week. I will take the prep test next week. Was it difficult? I've been a nurse for two years, so it's been awhile since I took the nclex. I'm studying growth and.development and reading various childhood diseases. Did you find out if you passed the exam right after you finished taking the exam? And did the nurse recruiter offer you the job right afterwards?
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    Which floor will you be working on?
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    Miss_TT, you do find out your score right after you finish. It's computerized so the results pop up. And you are on the right track - if there's a disease specific to childhood it is fair game. I think you will be alright if you keep studying the way you have been. It sounds as though everyone has a different interview process as far as the time between meeting the recruiters, the exam, and job offer. I think it depends on the unit you're interviewing for, honestly.

    GaMommy81, Thank you!! I will be working on the GI/Endo floor. I can't wait!
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    Cool beans! Do you have a tentative start date yet?
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    Hi JoonSusana,How is your orientation going? I was offered a position at Egleston, and of course I accepted. The interview and selection process took quite a while for me, but I'm glad I was patient. Good luck to you.

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