Chattahoochee Tech ADN Fall 2012 - page 8

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  1. by   Inkynurse
    Tfhorne - what did you get on the TEAS?
  2. by   wogrop
    I did receive a letter today saying that I had been accepted to the program. Good luck to everyone still waiting and be sure to check your mailboxes! Hope to see you all in August!
  3. by   Inkynurse
    OMG! Congrats! I am so so happy for you! Can't wait to get home and check my mail, wish me luck!
  4. by   Inkynurse
    btw, what do you mind sharing your teas scores?
  5. by   Inkynurse
    Got my letter and I'm in! Yay, yay, oh happy day!
  6. by   megan_lain
    I got in as well Now will have to wait for GA Highlands
  7. by   Inkynurse
    Megan - I will be waiting on Highlands as well. Do you know which school you will choose if you have the choice?
  8. by   rporter342
    OMG I made it into the program...Congrats to everyone else that made it in.....
  9. by   rporter342
    Congratulations Jennifer I will see you in June!!!
  10. by   rporter342
    Congrats wogrop....see you in June
  11. by   rporter342
    There it is!
  12. by   Inkynurse
    Quote from rporter342
    Congratulations Jennifer I will see you in June!!!
    Yay! I'm so happy for you! I feel so bonded to everyone on this page as we have all been stressing over this and waiting together. I'm so disappointed for those who worked so hard and didn't make it and so happy and proud for those of us who did. I can't wait to meet everyone at orientation.
  13. by   aldCMA
    woohoo!!! see you all at orientation/in august!