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Thought it would be a good time to start a new thread for all of us that are applying to Chattahoochee Tech for fall 2013! I would love to see what you received on the TEAS and your GPA. I plan on taking the TEAS V in August and... Read More

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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone luck for their application for their program next year!

    I was originally on track to apply for ADN program Fall 2013 but finance issue and some other circumstances came up and I recently applied for the LPN program for Spring 2013.

    I wish you all luck! The program is really tough and just making it through all the pre-reqs with great grades and a perfect score on the TEAS is a challenge in itself.

    If you guys know of anyone applying for the same program I am, I began a forum for LPN here:

    Right now it's just me and another girl who applied, but we would really like some new people to join in. Sometimes it is comforting to meet others on the same path as you, I'm sure we all know that! Also some great conversation can help the time pass waiting for an acceptance letter in 3 months! lol

    Thanks everybody!!! Again, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!

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    I just posted my TEAS V experience (long) on the TEAS V 2012 section if you want to know some details about the experience itself. Hope it helps! I took it at CTC and the room was packed. She said they had to keep adding sections because they were filling up right after they were posted on the website.
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    Hi all! I will be applying for the 2013 program...I am nervous about my teas but so far I have a 4.0 so I hope that will make up for any deficiency Does anyone know if there is an information session coming up? I could not find any in the fall...
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    I believe they will start info sessions at the beginning of 2013...that's when they did it for 2012. Have you taken the TEAS V yet? I plan on taking it again next month. I got an 82...but I heard that 84 will be the cut off (or at least it was for last year)...I think I can bump my score up since I am now familiar with the test and I didn't even finish 6 of the math questions.
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    I read on the site that you can take the TEAS twice per calendar year. And they only count your best two. Does that mean if I take it before December 31st I could take it twice next year before applications are due? I have not taken it yet but the math worries me. I did poorly on my first SAT and had to study really hard to bring it up. Ugh.
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    It is my understanding that you can take it twice before December 31st and then a new calendar year starts January 1st...maybe someone who really knows for sure will post. The official meaning of "calendar year", according to Webster's Dictionary, is January 1 to December 31st. I did notice that before the TEAS test (at Marietta campus) they asked everyone which attempt this was for them and gave them a corresponding code (1st, 2nd, one needed the 4th try number)...there were lots of 2nd try people, so I just assumed they were getting their two tries in for the year?? Math scared me as well (haven't had math in over 20 years), but I found that a) take the online test you can buy from ATI since the questions were very, very similar and b) keep an eye on the time when you take the practice tests. I actually knew how to do the questions (the practice tests really prepared me) but ran out of time, so many answers were blank and that brought my score down. Good luck to you!
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    Hey you guys.... I took the TEASV this past Friday @ CTC and it was definitely the science more so than math!!!!! I'm re-taking it but suggest you brush up on chemistry and earth science. Good Luck
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    Anyone heard if the school will have an information session? I haven't seen anything on the website yet.
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    Go to their web site and email one of the advisors as they can give you all the info you need. Just be aware the CTC ADN is not accredited and you may possibly have some issues getting employment after you graduate.
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    Quote from stephanie.
    Go to their web site and email one of the advisors as they can give you all the info you need. Just be aware the CTC ADN is not accredited and you may possibly have some issues getting employment after you graduate.
    We're about to have our NLNAC review, and everyone from our previous classes is now employed. I don't think anyone has anything to worry about.
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