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How does the RN certification work exactly? :o Is it only for the state you took the NCLEX-RN in? Or do you have the option of working in another state whenever you want? Do travel nurses have to... Read More

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    Quote from elkpark
    Apart from the NLC, you need to have a state license for any/every state you practice in. You can hold as many licenses as you're willing to pay for.
    I just got my Idaho license which is within the compact agreement, and I am currently in the process of getting my endorsement in Washington. So this perfectly answers my question about how many licenses one can possess at once!! I was so afraid I would have to forfeit my Idaho license. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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    Quote from elkpark

    You'll need a few years of solid experience in a nursing specialty area before you'll be "marketable" as a travel nurse. Have you looked at the Travel Nursing forum here? Lots of good info and discussion there.
    This really sucks, because every job wants experience, and guess what? As a new grad you don't have any! It is so frustrating to find a job!!! sigh*
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    so, if Ihave a PA license then I cannot work in a NJ hospital???
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    Quote from helen88a
    so, if Ihave a PA license then I cannot work in a NJ hospital???
    You can..but you need to get a PA and a NJ license. Compact states are states that have agreed to accept a multi-license compact, but you must be in a state that is in the compact state agreement, PA and NJ are not.
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    Thanks @jb2u!!!! then do you know about "Licensure by Endorsement (transfering license from another state)" by any chance????
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    Well you would just need to look at the website for the board of nursing in the state that you would like to work.

    For GA the BON states...

    If applying by endorsement, the applicant must be licensed as a registered nurse in another jurisdiction and must have graduated from a nursing education program prior to passing a licensing examination recognized by the Board as valid for licensure as a RN. The applicant must submit the following:

    A completed application with a fee of $60.
    A completed criminal background check.
    Provide verification of current RN licensure in another state.
    Provide verification of original licensure obtained by NCLEX-RN in another state.
    A verification of employment as a RN documenting (3) months or 500 hours of licensed practice as a registered nurse.
    Any additional information requested by the Board as needed for licensure.

    This is just an example of what you need for GA. If we are talking about another state, then see that states board of nursing website.
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    I am sorry, I am lame! Okay, I am going to an RN program and get my BSN in Florida. BUT I want to come back to California to work soon after I graduate and become an RN. What do I have to do? Should I work first in Florida or can I just come to California to find my first job as an RN?
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    I am currently in my last semester of my BSN schooling. I live in, and attend school in Delaware. I am graduating on May 5, 2012 and I am planning on moving to New York shortly after graduation. I am taking NCLEX in May as well before I make the move. When i take NCLEX should I, and can I, apply to be licensed in the state of New York right away or do I HAVE to get licensed in Delaware since my address will be a Delaware adress when i take NCLEX, as well as my driver's license? Like do i NEED a NY address when i fill out the NY Licensure Application forms?Can i take the NCLEX in Delaware to be certified in New York - and if so will my results be mailed to me in Delaware? I am just really confused about how the process works and my professors haven't explained it. ANY help or insight will be GREATLY appreciated!

    PS....I already called the NY BON and the person i spoke to seemed sooooooooooooo confused and i hung up more confused than i was before!
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    a great resource; has all the state laws and practice info
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    Why cant they do the same for cnas and Lpns

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