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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta... Read More

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    Hello every one , I have my interview this Friday ,well I m not scrared of interview but I m worried about DLRA , I never took any computer class, but I know how to use this machine .plz friends help me what to expect from this test? Like test is about how to save a file etc. Just give me example of sample questions.plz . I do bad on those exams which I don't know what to expect. reply ASAP....

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    Hi Apozempam
    Thanks for responding. Are you going to orientation? I have so many questions I would like to get answered. I like to be as prepared as possible.
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    Hi everyone, I'm part of the July group and the new curriculum schedule. Our first semester included A&P 1 and Microbiology, both of those classes will be with Dr. O for the incoming class. There's also College Success and Algebra for those who haven't taken it. The following semester is A&P 2 as well as Patho, both again with Dr.O. Orientation is about 6 hours or more, with lots of things covered. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
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    Thanks for responding. I would like to know how many days a week was your patho class? Is comp. apps online? Thanks
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    No the comp applications class is Thursdays on campus for us from 6-10pm. The patho is one day a week from 9am-12am on Fridays, but it's a blended class so half of it is online. Please know that because this is a new program, you aren't guaranteed to get the same schedule though. For instance the September class will have Microbiology on grounds, where as we had it all online. Also you won't get uniforms until about halfway through the semester. Once you get them though, you will have to wear them every time you have class.
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    @britishnomore Thanks! I was worried about the Patho class. I work on friday so that was a concern for me. I will make it work though. Hummmm uniforms? Where will I get them from, how many will I need? Oh let me guess orientation. LOL Seems like everything will come together during orientation. Thank You again for your help.
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    You fill out a size form at orientation and they give everyone one set of uniforms a semester, minus the jacket. You can order more if you wish. Although I will tell you this, please be careful when speaking of your schedule. We have one student in our class now that is horrible about complaining, not making it to class on time ect. This has made the professors extremely sensitive. I'm sure that's not the case here, but I wanted to give you a heads up before orientation. Also we are graded on attendance to class and you lose points if you are late. It's made working crazy for me!
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    Oh I know very well how to play the game. I have great time management skill, always early thats me. Any more tips or tid bit you would like to share please do. I need all the help I can get. I don't know anyone in the program but I am looking forward to meeting new people. If you are not comfortable using this avenue feel free to email me @ nitrandolph@gmail. Thanks
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    hello. I am giving a lot of thought to the RN program. Can you give me some tips on getting in and the length of the process. thanx
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    hello. I have a ton of questions. what does your gpa have to be to get in? how long does the acceptance process take to get in and is it hard? are the classes really challenging? I am giving a lot of thought to applying there but i have not heard the best things about the school.

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