anyone going to the Gwinnett tech mandatory meeting tommorrow 2/29/2012

  1. This is their process of elimination. I was wondering if someone might be going. I have to drive three hours to get there. I have family that live in Atlanta but I have turn right back around and come home because I have class the next day. Anyway if someone else on here got invited please let me know how you feel and is this the only nursing program your aiming at.
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
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  4. by   phrozenone
    I am!!! I'll be at the 6 pm meeting.
  5. by   limitless-visions
    Wow I thought this was a stupid message to post but I guess not. Phrozenone I'm glad to hear from you. I was at the 3:00 meeting. Can you tell me why your choosing this school? Where your from? When are you taking the Kaplan? and have you ever taken this test or heard any bad rumors about this test? I'm not from Atlanta but I have family that stay in fulton county so if I get in I will have to move even though I will be ready for this change. I have three kids and a Hubbie so becoming a nurse would be much needed stability. Anyway i really like the feeling I have about attending gwinnett. It's just hard to communicate with others about the program. They campus seems to be really respectful and helpful.
  6. by   phrozenone
    Hello there!!! I attended the 6 pm meeting. I chose this program because its very close to my home and I haven't heard anything bad at all about the school. I'm signing up for the Kaplan tomorrow morning. I actually took the Kaplan or a version of the Kaplan for a local school called Bauder College, it was very easy and basic, not sure how this one is gonna be though. I'm originally from Knoxville, TN and I've been here for about 5 yrs now. This will be my 2nd degree, my first is in English (bachelors).
  7. by   limitless-visions
    My mouth just dropped wide open when you said you were taking the test tommorrow. I'm soooo happy for you. I really want to stay in touch with you due to the fact my test date isn't till the 19th. I would have signed up to take it sooner but I have class at the college back at home and I'm trying not to miss days. Also my mom can down for a few weeks until I come back to take the test. My personal email is incase you want to share your experience about the test tommorrow. How long did you study? I just got my book in the mail today. I also put in for two other schools in my area so I can't cater to just one school. Anyway How do you like gwinnett is it a good area to stay in with kids? Is the crime rate low and all. I'm worried about all of that now before I get my letter. sorry for all the questions but when your passion is high like mine you keep talking bout nursing everyday. What happen with bauder after you took the test?
  8. by   limitless-visions
    oops I just notice that I read your post wrong you stated that you were signing up for it tommorrow. Anyway I'm still excited that you will get that step done.
  9. by   phrozenone
    I actually just returned from signing up for the Kaplan LOL. I'm scheduled for the 13th, I wanted the 29th, but all of the slots filled up soooooo quick! Oh well....the sooner the better, gotta get it out of the way ya know? As far as Gwinnett, I really haven't heard anything bad about that particular area. I have a god-son and a few friends that stay in the area and they all like it, no complaints thus far. We can stay in contact, that sounds email is I'm also in the process of applying to Dekalb bad, its now called Georgia Piedmont Technical College. They have an LPN program that starts in the fall.
  10. by   limitless-visions
    Thanks for letting me know the date of your test. I can't believe all the spots were gone that fast. That shows me that this is a good school. I guess your taking your test before me after all. Sometimes I wish mine were earlier now because I can't concentrate on anything else but test date and whats going to happen. I'm going to save your email and check in on you. Did you take that first test in the Kaplan book to see what your weakness is? I think I'm going to take that one now. I also think that will be a good idea for you to do LPN program to it's the same thing with a different pay but I'm going to pray for us to get in Gwinnett.
  11. by   phrozenone
    No prob at all. I was surprised about the slots too!! I'm actually in the process of brushing up on my A&P and math. Those are the main areas that I was told that seem to be the most important. I didnt take the test in the book because I found that when I took the Kaplan the first time for another school, the study guide was way to broad and the questions on the test were so much more simple.
  12. by   Exhaustipated
    Gwinnett County is like many other places; it has its bad areas and its good areas. At one time a number of years ago, it had the dubious distinction of being named the fastest growing county in the nation. I've lived in the general area for nearly 20 years (most of that in a nearby county). Just do your research before making a move.

    I'm not trying for the nursing program until next year, but I can say that I like Gwinnett Tech as a school. I'm in my second semester and have had nothing but good experiences all around. Not counting the mile-long lines at the school bookstore on the first day of semester, of course.

    The Life Sciences Building, which is where the nursing program classes are held, is brand new. If I'm not mistaken, this its first semester.
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  13. by   limitless-visions
    Thanks for your feedback Ladylynn6. I really like Gwinnett county school. Everytime I visit I get treated nice and the staff is friendly. I had another college as first choice but now I really hope gwinnett is the first pick. Anyway I won't know until I take the Kaplan test March 19. If I don't get picked I'm just praying I get into one of the four colleges I applied for. I'm ready to be a nurse. Either way I'm going to move to Atlanta when I graduate if I go to school some where else. Most of my family live in Fulton county and I'm ready for a change. I know that I will have more choices as a nurse in Atlanta that's why I want to go ot school there to get it all over with. Anyway Good luck with your progress. You will be there before you know it. Then the waiting game. Nursing will either kill you or make you stronger but it's worth saving a life and helping God's people
  14. by   Exhaustipated
    The same to you, limitless-visions! Good luck with the Kaplan and all your applications. Please be sure to come back and keep us updated.

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