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Hey everyone. I am currently a pre nursing student. I wanted to ask everyone how possible it is to hold a job while in nursing school. How do clinicals work with your work schedule? Is there much flexibility? Just wondering. ... Read More

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    Quote from mclennan
    Try really hard to figure out a way to set your life up so you won't have to work - or only work very, VERY part time.

    Nursing programs have waiting lists miles long and will happily boot you to the curb if you start having trouble.

    There are those mythical students who work full time and raise kids. I, for one, don't buy it. They are either lying, or have vast support systems of family available for child care or are UNICORNS.

    When I was in school I watched the students who tried to be Superwoman drop out, fail, withdraw and go on academic probation.

    I worked every other weekend as an EMT or CNA, and that was it. I wish more Nursing schools would be realistic with their students and just say, straight up: you will not have a life. Family, friends and work are all on the back burner until graduation. PERIOD.
    Not everyone can just "set up" their life so they don't have to work or only work very part time. Must be nice though! Our nursing school does stress "you won't have a life, it's going to be very hard to work, no free time, etc." but where I live most people don't have the option to just set up their life to not have to work at least part time.

    No one is denying that the people who work full time and raise kids probably do have a big support system and good child care options. And no one is saying that working full time is the norm. I can think of two people I know who worked full time and made it through without failing anything. The majority of students I know who had a job worked 16-24 hours a week. There are always going to be those exceptions to the rule, and one or two "unicorns" that somehow found a way to make it work, but I don't think anyone here is saying it's a piece of cake.
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    I dont understand how you guys think it's so hard to do this? Lol - sorry. I am a mother, I run/own my own Crossfit gym, workout daily, work 15-18 hours a week, and have all As in nursing school currently!
    It's not hard, you just need a consistent system. Focus. Get er' done.
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    Quote from Jessatkinson86
    I dont understand how you guys think it's so hard to do this? Lol - sorry. I am a mother, I run/own my own Crossfit gym, workout daily, work 15-18 hours a week, and have all As in nursing school currently!
    It's not hard, you just need a consistent system. Focus. Get er' done.
    What's your end-game here? A cookie? A pat on the back?

    People struggle. Congrats if you don't. You've also been doing it for how long, exactly?

    OP, it really just varies by person. We're all in different programs, at different levels, with varying support systems and individual "tool kits." Maybe a third of my class works? Very few full time, but some. I have a single mom friend with four kids who works and is still one of the best students. I also have a friend who worked full time nights, had one kid and a wife who couldn't cut it. And everything in between.
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    I am a BSN student who graduates this May. I have worked full time my entire way through school. It helps if you can clump your days together (I work Thursday through Sunday) and then have days off together to get things done. Truth is you could have 6 free days or 2 a all depends if you use your time wisely. I pay for everything myself so working part time was not an option for me. I do very well in school--it is possible!
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    I don't eat cookies I'm Paleo sorry.
    And no I don't want a pat on the back, people make it sound impossible and all nursing programs do it scare the crap out of you before you even begin. It's possible to work, it's possible to do ALOT at once.
    Depends on your personality type and your ability to maintain balance and focus on multiple things at once.
    It's possible, if you WANT it, it's possible.
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    Personally I found that I spend a lot of time struggling with guilt.. I should spend more time with my kids but I should also spend more time studying. I am so fortunate to have a supportive husband and student loans so I don't work because its easier for me to focus on what I need to for school and my family. That being said I know there are a lot of people in my program who do work. A lot of them have cut back on their hours but some of them do have kids and work full time. I think it's a personal thing and what is realistic for your situation. If you have to work then you find a way. Good luck!! Hopefully you are able to find what works best for you.
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    Thank you all so much for your responses. I have three young children and a husband, and we are moving 70 miles from home just to have more familial support while I embark on this journey. I lol'ed on the unicorn thing. I just want to do the best I can, and I don't want to work while I. The program because I do want any spare time I have to be with my family. We are currently talking about what we can do in order to make this (not working) happen. Best of luck to all of you, unicorn and normal folk alike.
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    I am a first semester nursing student and I have to work to support myself and pay for school. I work roughly 40 hours (Fri-Sun. Three 13 hour shifts). Thankfully,my work lets me take off before exams so I can be prepared. You just do what you have to do and prioritize everything. It's definitely possible. Goodluck!
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    Well, I guess you can call me a UNICORN. I have 3 kids, a hubby, a full time 40 hours a week job. I've been taking pre-requisites for nursing school for a year, including A & P I & II, computer classes, CNA classes, and others. I start nursing school in the fall, which I plan to continue working all the way through. All is it takes is a lot of hard work and a can do attitude. You can do it!

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