Working and Nursing School... PLUS a Family

  1. Hello! I was wondering for those of you who have went through Nursing school and who are going through it now... What do you think about having a part time job during nursing school? I also have a husband and daughter (3-yo) that are at home and my husband will be going to school full time and have a part time job. Im working right now at a very low stress job that is flexable... But I have an opertunity to work at a hospital (get my foot in the door, name in the system... etc.) But I dont want to hardly ever see my daughter or my husband... YikeS!
    Any advice would help!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Katie71275
    Hmm that's difficult to answer....What sort of job at the hospital?
    I would not recommend working and nursing school at least until you are a little more in depth in school(first year or so)...It's hard and combined with a family, may be too much stress....but of course only you know how much you can handle
  4. by   AZMOMO2
    Um yeah you will probably not have any time with your family that you aren't thinking about something that needs to be done, read, or is being tested on through out the duration of your program. Some things suffer no matter how hard we may not want them to.

    Since your hubby is working and going to school, your time is probably going to be limited anyway despite where you work. Just know that the hospital will NOT be flexible with your schooling or family life expectations.

    Good luck!

    PS I work and attend school fulltime but only because my children are grown, or nearly grown at this point. I could not have done this with a job and a little one. But that is just me.
  5. by   BrandonSoCal
    I personally think it's very do-able. I'm going into my last semester of nursing school, work as a student nurse in a hospital, have a wife and kids. It can be done. My grades are good, I see my family often, and manage to work about 24 hours a week. It can get tiring but if you are motivated to make it work you will be fine.
  6. by   afterseason
    I think it's all about time management. I start in August, but I plan on maintaining a part-time job, and I have two young children (1 year and 6 years). When I was taking my pre-reqs, I dealt with the same workload and managed to pass all of my classes with A's and come out with a 3.89 GPA (and I was taking A LOT of classes each quarter to try and get them over with as quickly as possible).

    It probably won't be a necessarily easy task, but you can do it if you put your mind to it.
  7. by   DawnCaprice
    I agree with the statement that it is all about time management. I have 3 kids (16, 8 & 6) and a husband. I work an average 32 hours a week and take 12 credit hours at school. I just finished my first quarter of Nursing School with 2 A's and 1 B. I was very proud of myself. I know that the program with get tougher as I go along, but I am not changing jobs. We need for me to work. My kids understand so that makes it easier.

    Good luck to you!
  8. by   jacquiey9285
    Thank you all for answering! The job would possibly be an in house phlebotomist. I would be on the go pretty much the whole shift. I have been working part time as a doula at a local birth center (on call). It is pretty lax and I could easily bring my studies there if needed. I have been working part time and going to school full time for the past year and it has been stressful for my family and I. I'm thinking I should lay low on a job until I know what to expect from nursing school.

    Thank you all very much again, for answering!!