Woo Hoo! Accepted into nursing program!

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    Do you remember when you were accepted into the nursing program? How did you react?

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    I invited friends over, and we got drunk
    We had a few happy occasions to celebrate at the same time. My DH finally got into the doctor of dental surgery program (second attempt), and so did his friend, so we were all very happy.
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    I actually just found out yesterday. It was pretty funny, I was jumping around celebrating all by myself since the family was all at work. Minutes later i updated on allnurses! hahaha

    Still can't believe I got in!
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    I just found out last week, and I was very happy, jumping up and down with my husband and mother-in-law, I could not believe, well to be honest it has been a week and I can't believe!!! I am still in shock, but super HAPPY!!!
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    I remmeber thinking..OK this is my path and being happy and feeling like I had a purpose. Who knew the hell I was about to go through....lol!
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    I was scared to open the letter. My hands were shaking and when I opened it I started crying. My boyfriend(at the time) started telling me that there were other programs that I could apply to and not to give up. I remember giving him a dirty look and saying, give up...ha! I am just getting started. I got in! I celebrated with friends all night.
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    Congratulations I'm happy for you. what school did you get into. and what path did you take to ensure you got in.
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    I found out at post office getting my mail. I was so happy I cried and TOLD EVERYONE! who probably thought I had lost it. I was a single mon of 2 kids who just left abusive spouse. This was my light at the end of the tunnel! ....well so I thought until I graduated smack when economic downturn began in 2008! First job didnt "work "out" 3 months... And I relocated 300 miles for that job! I moved again only to be told I now had had too much experience to be in their New Grad program. I was so upset. I had to take job as MA to get experience. The world of nursing - not good for grads since 2008.
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    I just found out five days ago!! I was in the middle of helping my husband do something with our Jeep, greasy hands and all, when I got the email to my phone. I kicked my legs and yelled "I got in!", over and over until he realized what I was talking about. He said his congratulations, sent a mass text to his buddies while I called the girls and updated my facebook status! Even though I haven't started classes (August 2012), I already changed my allnurses "about me" section to say "Nursing Student" instead of "Pre-Nursing"! That felt great, too!!!!
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    I stalked my mail carrier for WEEKS! Poor Stan, he'd drive up and I'd fly out the door. Did this every day. I explained to him that I was awaiting my acceptance/denial letter from the school.

    One stormy day, torrential rain (raining sideways!), winds in excess of 50+mph, thunder/lightening..just a down right nasty day. I saw someone walking up my driveway (very LONG driveway). As I opened the door, I saw poor Stan walking up the drive, soaked to the bone. He raised up his hand and I saw a nice big envelope in his hand. I flew out the door, ran down to him and took the envelope. CONGRATS was the first word I saw..I jumped up and down in the rain..doing a happy dance and jumped on poor Stan (thankfully he's a family friend). He explained that he noticed the return address on the envelope and knew I probably wouldn't be going out to the mail until the rain stopped (the next day) and he didn't want me so suffer..so he brought the letter to me! Best day ever!

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