Will med error keep me from NT position? - page 2

I had an interview for a nurse tech position a week ago. I was told that 4 positions were opened and over 70 nursing students applied. During the interview, I revealed that the biggest mistake I... Read More

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    Something like this answer would have been better:

    Interview Question and Answer: What's the worst mistake you've made at work and how did you deal with it?on't beat yourself up. You'll know better next time!
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    I read through all the comments.

    I had another nurse technician interview a week ago. I just got a call today and found out I was accepted for a prn nurse tech position at a different hospital I reflected through what went wrong during my last interview and took some advices from here and got the job!!
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    there's honesty, and then there's self-sabotage...

    p.s. congrats on the job!
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    If I were the hiring manager I'd be more alarmed by the fact that the applicant is bringing up a past med error during an interview than by the med error itself.
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    Well, you have to say *something* when asked this question in an interview. No sane person would expect a truly honest answer to this question.
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    Thanks for bringing this topic up. It is something that I wouldn't have thought of and I'm glad I am since I'll be interviewing this spring. I agree with everyone else about the situation and Congrats on the job!!!
    Thinking about what I would say: definitely no med errors or HIPPA violations or serious patient endangering errors or practicing outside your scope.

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