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Ah, after a beautiful 6 weeks of freedom it is time to get back to classes tomorrow. :nurse: I have 8 weeks of Med/Surg 1 Mod B, then 8 weeks of Mental Health. Who's heading back tomorrow and... Read More

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    I'm heading back too. 9 months left! That's kind of scary. I have Peds and Med-Surg 2. They are supposed to be the hardest, or so I've heard. I'm sooooooo nervous.
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    I am heading back tomorrow as well, starting with my rotation to the Psych Unit, then 8 weeks after Med-Surg.
    I wish you guys good luck with everything, keep God First, lets stay focus and organized and we will definately make it...

    Best Wishes,
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    Good luck to all! I'm starting tommorow with you guys and although most likely in a week I will be a walking zombie (I also work) the thought of approaching graduation (only 8 months left) keeps me strong!

    Dont study to hard!!!:icon_hug:
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    I start tomorrow. 1st semester.

    I'm looking forward to it, but I'm so anxious I wanna
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    Today's the day! Good luck to all of us! Some of you really have a classload sheesh!! Let's get out of these classes alive and with the best grades we can get!
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    I am starting back today also. I should really be packing my bag and putting my make-up on but I had to stop here one more time before the semester truely begins!!! Good luck everybody!!!
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    Go back in about a week. I was in school all summer so its a much needed 2 week summer vacation!

    About to start semeseter 4 of 6.... peds, maternity, and nursing research! Excited!
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    I start back today (tonight actually). I'm excited, but nervous as I have been hearing this is our hardest semester...ugh!

    I am starting out with Geriatrics, then Pediatrics and then ending with OB. I'm excited because two of those are fields I'm thinking about going into...

    Good luck...hope everyone is have a great 1st day back!