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What did you do after completing one of your goals (ie. getting into school, graduating from nursing school, passing NCLEX, etc)? Did you plan your celebration? Went on a trip? Party hard? Please share your stories with us...... Read More

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    I was thinking if hitting up my friend who lives in Australia and possibly visiting it.

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    When I started grad school my friend gave me a bottle of Ouzo and told me to save it for when I graduate. So, there's that. (December 19th, 2014! WoOT!)
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    Quote from dsb_fam
    I'm going to DisneyLand!!!! Yep, we promised the kids a trip to the Magic Kingdom after mom was finished. I can't wait!!!!
    I'm taking my three year-old to Disneyland with my family when I graduate in May! I am beyond excited.

    Then I'm having a bonfire with my nursing scrubs and 25-page care plans. It'll be fabulous.
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    Hubby and I going on a cruise when I pass my NCLEX.
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    Short Vegas trip with a few girlfriends after graduation! It will be my gift from family.
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    After I graduate next week, I plan on celebrating by going out for drinks, then getting back some of those hours of sleep I missed during nursing school.
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    when I graduate I want to seriously travel to Hawaii or Miami and just go to a beach party with my closest friends

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