What was your first year of nursing school like? - page 3

Hello all! After stalking the post office for the last week my ACCEPTANCE letter finally came! :yeah:I start a 24 month ADN program January 2012. Sheesh, I was shaking as I was reading it. As... Read More

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    Quote from leenak
    I spent a bit of time on some pre-med forums before I decided to pursue nursing and those are some pretty miserable people on those forums.

    Student Doctor Network lolol been there

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    This was very helpful input. I will be starting the ADN Program this August so I'm pretty nervous because I live alone (rent!!!), and work full time and have no savings. My work may work with me cutting down my hours during the week, but they may have to let me go. It's getting a little stressful because I only get one shot at passing nursing school right? And I've waited for SO LONG that I can't afford to mess up! One day at a time I guess. I'm hoping my tuition and expenses will be covered by student loans. (crossing my fingers)

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