What is your perception of a nurse?

  1. Thanks, working on a school project...this question is for nurses and non/yet to be nurses alike! A short description of your view of what a nurse is would be appreciated. :redpinkhe
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  3. by   ohgreat
    The question is, what's yours? :spin:

  4. by   cincin1
    Okay if I answer will you do it too? I think that a nurse has the power to change/influence a persons quality of life, whether it be in sickness or health, and that in itself carries a great deal of power and responsibility. That is just my little opinion. Thanks.
  5. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I think a nurse is a bridge between the doctor and patient, s/he is compassionate and understanding and non judgmental yet firm and grounded. S/he is probably one of the most important yet least appreciated person in a patients life.

    Just to name a few things.
  6. by   ohgreat
    I had to do a similar project in my "transition into professional nursing" class. It really helped me learn a lot about the nursing profession and how much I actually didn't know about my chosen major. If I'm not giving you a direct answer it's because I want you to have the same experience to learn about the field you are entering! Here are some questions that I think would help you write your essay:

    1. What is the difference between a doctor and a nurse?

    2. Why would someone ever choose nursing school over med school?

    3. Imagine for a minute that you have been in a car accident and have been hospitalized (yeah, i know it's not a pretty picture) and that you are no longer able to move your arms or legs. Also, you have lost control of your bladder and bowel movements and constantly sh*t yourself and leak urine in your bed. You try to move or clean up after yourself but you are completely dependent on someone else wiping you and cleaning up after you. How do you feel? Depressed? Angry? Scared/Confused?... now imagine the person taking care of you. What attributes about that person would help you deal with your state of health? What attributes would you want in the nurse taking care of you?

    4. AFTER you answer these questions, watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jSHijyznyM
    then think about the questions again.

    I am obviously biased towards this profession and truly believe there is nothing in the world like this profession. I was on my way to med school when I decided to switch to nursing. Don't get me wrong, I respect and admire physicians and med students (they have their hard work cut out for them and make a huge difference as well), but there are some differences in the job description that made nursing the right choice for me.
  7. by   ErinJane
    I think nurses are just people. We aren't angels or more loving than the average person. I think we are competent professional who specialize in providing cares and performing assessments which advance the health of our pts. You don't really have to be soft or nurturing, but I do think you have to be quite empathetic.
  8. by   diane227
    As a nurse, I am a teacher, problem solver, expert, shoulder to cry on, hand holder, provider of kindness, smiling face, emergency responder, textbook of knowledge, advocate, mediator, provider of crisis intervention, here to give pats on the back, encouragement, to offer humor, to keep calm when all around are stressed, to foster relationships.
  9. by   CBsMommy
    I agree with almost everything said above. I can tell you that I've been with my son through three of his surgeries (he just turned 3) and the latest surgery put him in the PICU for the night. I will tell you that I think there are different degrees of nurses, from the mother of a patient's point of view.

    1. The nurse that knows her job. Doesn't feel the need to make my son laugh, sometimes doesn't even feel the need to talk to us while she/he is doing their job. Doesn't really have time to answer questions. Acts like interacting with the staff is better than interacting with the patients.

    2. The good nurses. These nurses ask how you are doing, if there's anything else that you need. Keeps up chit chat while doing their thing, but they are only really half way there. I call these nurses, the "clinical" type of nurse. They aren't as cold as #1 but they are really there to concentrate to get their jobs done (which I do appreciate).

    3. The GREAT nurse. This nurse can get everything done he/she needs to get done, while taking the TIME to make my son smile or laugh. Asking if I need anything. Taking the time to ask if I have any questions and actually taking the time to answer all of my questions. Handing me a tissue when I start crying. Making up silly songs to get my son to take his medication, put an IV in, etc. Says goodbye when their shift is over. I even once had a GREAT nurse that came by on her day off to check on her patients and she brought my son a happy face pancake for breakfast. These are the nurses that I remember that make my son feel more comfortable and able to get through his stays at the hospital.

    This is my opinion based on observations.
  10. by   ZenJenRN
    Are you kidding me? Nurses are miracle workers. We work 24/7/365. Why? Because a nurse is a nurse, anywhere she is. We carry around magic pixie dust and believe that we are the healers. We fling our cape around all day long and stand in front of our patient's bed, hands on our hips, looking at the environment in pride saying "Not on my watch". In the worse of moments, we work as a team, in synchrony, methodically, precise, confidently because we are nurses. Nurses are inventive. Nurses are artistic. Nurses are . . .

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