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What is pimping?

  1. 0 No, not the prostitute business. I see threads about "lets get a pimping thread". Is it basically just trivia questions related to nursing or what?
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    Sex industry aside, to pimp something online often means to promote/advertise it.

    So a pimping thread would be a thread devoted to promoting or advertising something, such as a blog/forum/book/website/business/etc.

    Hope this helps.
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    Also, yes, pimping is asking each other questions.
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    Pimping is when you get asked a ton of questions by an instructor/nurse/physician/NP/whoever to test your knowledge and to show you know what the hell you're talking about/performing.

    When I did my surgery observation I got pimped by the surgeon about cardiothoracic anatomy and by the nurse on cardiac medications
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    So many definitions for pimping. Could mean you are an employer of *ahem* or that something/someone is really cool. If this were the advertising/promoting type... 50 shades of grey anyone? . Just kidding.
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    Pimping in the medical word is being quizzed by a superior. As in when I call an MD re: an issue that he/she thinks I should know about: they ask me questions ad nauseum to get me to think of the answer myself or come up with a plan on my own.

    Very medical related.