What is a good ATI Assessment Score?

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    I just finished taking an non-proctered ATI assessment for Fundamentals.

    I can't remember what the person from ATI said when he came to our school.

    What is a good score?

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    Hi, I just took the nurse fundamentals 2.1 and it said the mean national is 68.1%, I scored an 83% so, Im not sure what good is exactly but if the mean is only 68.1% it can't be too high to be good? Good luck
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    Thanks, that's really good news! :spin:
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    I was told that if you got above 50 you were way in the clear. Most of our class ranked 80-100% on each section so 50 must be hard to get to..
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    hi thedreamer have you take the pharmacology yet? if so do have the topic to review it will be a big help thanks.
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    Nadgie, pharm was in the ATI I did this term. It was mixed in with alot of med/surg material. Just know your drugs, calculations, ect. They might say the order is X and you have Y and you need to know they are the same drug.

    For math I recommend using Dimensional Analysis.
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    well, lets see, i got a 67 on the ati predictor. that meant that i had a 98-99% chance of passing, so i guess you can gauge it from there! good luck, the predictor is really accurate, i passed at 85 for my pn, so i am living proof!
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