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There are a lot of posts on this site about care plans; however, while I can somewhat guess what they are, I was wondering if someone could explain them to me. What are they? When in Nursing School do you do them? Why are they... Read More

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    Thank you for this mikeicurn!! This really helped me out because I'm doing my first care plan now and I constantly got mixed up due to me trying to treat the doctor's diagnosis versus actually coming up with nursing diagnoses to help the patient feel better, leaving treating the actually medical diagnosis to the doctors. Thanks again!!!
    The care plan is the document to help everyone "know" how to care for the patient the same was and "know" what to look out for.......keeping everyone on the same page.

    It a "recipe" tailored for that patient. Check these threads out....I have given a ton of information.


    A site search for Care PLans
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